I can't find Hear ID for my Q35's

Maybe it’s been too long since I tuned my Liberty 2 Pro’s but I just received my first pair of Anker over ear headphones today. The Life Q35. They sound phenomenal out of the box but I can’t seem to find the Hear ID custom feature. Yes, I have the latest version of the soundcore app and yes I immediately updated the Q’s firmware. So if anyone can tell me if I’m an idiot and Hear ID isn’t offered on the QSeries or is there something I’m missing? I’m running LDAC with Deezer HI-FI and Tidal Premium memberships.
Cheers guys!

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It looks like hearid is a feature found in some ear buds but not the over the ear headphones.

The app when used with the Q35s does have the 22 preset and custtom EQ settings.

I am almost sure headphones do not have hear id

You’re not an idiot hear I’d just isn’t a feature these headphones or any Soundcore headphones have. Some Soundcore earbuds do have this but not all as well

Thanks guys for your responses. I wasn’t sure if HearID was exclusive to earbuds but I you guys have confirmed what I suspected. Cheers guys​:beers::headphones::heart: