I finally was able to afford these!

So I finally got the Liberty 3 pros and so far I love them. I’ll give a full review in about a week or so if I forget you’ll eventually see my full review. Two things real quick that I like as far as appearance goes is that they look a little like Galaxy buds pro which I love galaxy products the only reason I didn’t get those is they are known for not fitting in the ears well and secondly I love the size of them I thought they were going to be bigger based off the photos and I’m quite pleased with the size. Also I can lay on a pillow on my side quit comfortably which is a huge plus for me. You’ll see my thoughts on sound and comfort after a week goes by.


Very nice. I’m glad you like them. They are my favorite Soundcore Earbuds. :+1:

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Glad you like them.

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they are great buds :smile: i love mine