I got a second FLARE!

I was a proud winner of a contest here.
So some earbuds should have been donated to me.
I asked our best and only friend Lawrence if there is a chance to change
this donation to a FLARE.
He did! (GREAT!!!)
So I have an old and a new FLARE here in my little privat home office.
Pairing was without any problems (Thank you Ryan :smiley:)

Its really fantastic.

Real Opera now: Verdi Nabucco
Va, pensiero, sull’ali dorate!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

So you should go for double packs! :wink:
And because the FLARE is cheaper than those buds the company saved money!


Graz Franz, the Flare in stereo is brilliant!

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Yes Neil, indeed I really enjoy it.

Is there really a separation of the left and right channel?
I haven’t checked this.

Yes you do get a separation of the left and right channels, I tested this under my review a bit ago and I think @Tank did the same for the Motion+'s ?

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I am stupid as usual. :joy:
Of course I can test this easily with the LINUX Audio adjustments.
Ja true stereo!
Two separate channels.

I tested the same separation of the channel with the Dual flares as you have as well. I dont own the motion+

And grats Franz on getting your second flare, doesn’t it sound amazing? Love my two speakers

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Me too. Rob!
I like it.
I was afraid the connection might not work (different versions of updates)
But no problems.

A really great sound.

Enjoy weekend my friends Rob & Neil! :wink:

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My bad, meant the Motion Q…too many Motions :laughing:

Forgot you had dual Flares too…

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We all are in motion today. :joy:
Many models … “The motion of the Motions” :wink:

Grats and some great info

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Oh yeah the Motion Q…stupid speaker never lived up to its battery life so had to get a new one, support asked for it back but that was when I was moving and they ended up telling me to just keep it. But that one has to stay plugged in if being used for more than an hour. I’m half tempted to take it apart

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No that’s not the use of a real, useful speaker…

Yeah it’s broken so doesn’t get used much. My wife generally takes the good Motion Q to work with her and the Flares stay with the projectors. The one that needs to be plugged in will probably be dissected sometime soon because I’m itching to take something apart

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Same I will do with the defective Motion B I got.
Of course they send me a replacement.
And I kept the defective one.

So my old friend Rudi has sharpened all his special tools to take a look inside.
“Surgery” :joy:

But this was really the first defective item I got.

Awesome! That’s great of Lawrence to switch the prize for you!

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Once again, @Loz is the man!! So happy for you, Franz!! Glad you can listen to your opera in true stereo!

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Happy days and it’s great that they were able to switch the prize for you :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

Enjoy stereo sound

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Congrats @Chiquinho for Flare :+1:

Only @Loz can switch convert any speaker after it is shipped, before it is delivered :joy:

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Nice! Congrats. I wish I had thought of asking. I now have a second pair of spirit x sitting on the shelf that I won. Since these are my go to earbuds for the gym I had planned to give them to my brother. But his wife got him a pair of apple airpods. So now these new ones sit on a shelf waiting for my old spirit x to be lost or the battery to fail.

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Sounds like a fun combo. My only issue with all these battery powered speakers is making sure they are charged when I need them, and the kids didn’t leave them sitting around.

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