I got a second FLARE!

That’s great, Franz!

I recently got my second Motion B and having them connected using True Stereo is a great experience (even though the Motion B’s bass response is pretty lacking).

Happy to hear that you got a second Flare…something that you’ll get some great enjoyment out of. :grinning::+1:

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YEAH! That’s great. I’m listening to my stereo paired Icons right now! It is AMAZING!!! Congratulations @Chiquinho

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In a little over a week I should be listening to stereo paired icon+!!

Thanks for you @Chiquinho and glad @loz can accommodate the swap for You

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Awesome glad to hear!

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The FLARE got power for about 8 hours when played pretty loud.
Thats quite a lot.

And the kids will learn : Not charged : no music! :smiley:

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There is a lot of “play around” to find an optimal place for the speakers.
I put them in the corners of the window in front of my writing desk.

The FLARE has 360° radiation.
This feature has to be mentioned.

And last not least .
Another place needs another eq adjustments.

Also: Not charged, no recharge! (in regards to an external power bank)

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