I have new Motion Boom Plus

The other day I received the motion boom I bought before and now with the plus​:+1::call_me_hand::v::v::v:

Double post.
The software of this lousy system is ridicoulos.
I think I will give up my participation soon.
Doesn’t make sense at all.

Glad to here you like that speaker.

The original Motion Boom is still my favorite Soundcore Speaker that I own.

The software changes all the time but the main unit is quite good and meets the expectations with its price and quality.
My only problem is pairing with any soundcore speaker
For example, boom plus in the big room, motion boom in the other small room and so on.

Remember the distance should not be too vast.

btw I run my speakers for quite a lot of time.
All fine.
So, I never do any updates.
Why should I , they are working properly. :laughing:

Best is always to pair speakers of the same model and model number.
I never tried to pair two different ones, because all I own are TWS.
And this woill not work with such one.