I hear a noise when in zoom calls

Hi there, I just bought a soundcore liberty 2 pro, so far so good great quality of sound but with my laptot I hear a distorted noise during my zoom calls and we Increase the volumen of the speaker

Any clues in how to fix this I use a lot zoom and is really annoying, this doesn’t happen with other platfforms like teams or meets

Thank you for your help community

They are good Earbuds.

I don’t use Zoom so I’m not sure why that’s happening. I’d suggest you contact Support and ask them:

Have the 2 pros connected to your phone (I am using an android phone) If you go to BT when they are connected and hit the cog wheel. You may can try to change up the audio and phone setting on or off and see if that helps.

Is it the older Liberty 2 pro or the Liberty 2 pro upgraded? The upgraded has LDAC and the transparency mode as well. I may be something you have to tinker with the zoom setting as well or as simple as turning off transparency mode.

Go to your Zoom settings and ensure you’re using headphone device, not headset device.


Then do a test as often if you change the audio output from headset to headphone you lose the mic.

If you can’t use audio out headphone and mic to the bluetooth mic then your device driver isn’t letting concurrent headset and headphone use so investigate device drivers.

What I do is connect to Zoom twice on my phone and laptop, and use phone for audio and laptop for everything else, that also lets me move around more when in meetings.

I am beginning to think im lucky i use my boom as a speaker and mic for group calls lol I never had a problem on Zoom, cellphone, or facetime with family depending on who starts the call and who is going to be in the call depends on the way we call. Large family all over the country and abroad so its very interesting when its going on and i have to be able to get mom on one. My poor mom thinks she needs a new computer when her router needs to be rebooted and has no idea how to turn her computer on or off she calls me up and says its broken