I lost my charger

i lost my liberty 3 pro charger. can i buy it somewhere or is it same with some type of charger?

If it is the charging cable then any USB C charger should work and I am assuming it could use one of the charging pads as well (not sure though) as the usb c is sort of the main cable a lot of companies are going too…

If it is the case, you should be able to contact them or go to the website and find the charging case on the site. It should be like 1/3 of the cost if bought new.


The charger on the back of mine sound core is messed up plug is how much to get this repaired

If under 18 month probably nothing but need to contact service@soundcore.com

If past that, you can check the website or contact that same email address and see you can get one… think it will be 30 percent of cost