I lost one of the earbud

So I lost the left earbud for my Soundcore Liberty Air 2. Can I order just it right now or should I buy new earbuds?


There was a thread about this earlier but I can’t find it anymore. Basically Soundcore doesn’t sell 1 earbud. You could look for them somewhere else like Facebook or email Soundcore at service@soundcore.com if they can help you out

Thank you so much!

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Same as @Shivam_Shah in that right now they do not do replacements for just one earbud. You can try the service department but most likely, you would have to buy new ones.

Will state that you can always check around to see if somebody has that earbud for sale (ie ebay as an example). You can get it from there potentially but you may not be sure of it good or not.

The other option is to put it on ebay separately or together and you may can get a portion of your money back so that buying the new one is not too costly.

Last option is to stay around and join in the celebration of their 1st yr as a community and you may could win another pair.:slight_smile:

Either of the ways, I wish you luck

They should really start selling individual buds.


I’m pretty sure MPOW sells individual buds for some models

I think Mpow does for a couple, and I thought that soundcore had indicated they were starting to do same…

Maybe I’m confused with the cases being available separately?

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I read somewhere that TWS earbuds like the ones Soundcore offer paired from the factory and there isn’t an option to replace a lost earbud.


Ya i think they were talking about selling charging cases individually

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That would be a very good idea. More replacement parts means less waste, always a good thing.

I have lost the right earbud for my Liberty Air 2 Pro if anyone has one for sale?

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I am not sure if they can help but try service@soundcore.com to see what they can do for you.

Honestly, it would just be a good move for most earbud companies. Just make the individual earbuds cheaper.

So I lost the right ear, I have the case and left ear of my Liberty 2 pro. Anyone interested? Or anyone with the right ear…

Again who know if different earbuds from different owners will work since they have different serial number?

@gbolaga Hello! I just lost my left earbuds so im left with the charging case and the right earbuds :frowning: . Would you be interested in the right earbud?

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Hello, I would definitely be glad to have it. But I don’t know if they would work because they have different serial numbers. But YES I am very much interested… I will email support to find out or do u know if they will work?

I am located in chicago.

I would check with service@soundcore.com you see if the can be synced up.

We could do topic Lost and Found🤣

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Has anyone who bought two sets tried resetting and crossing them over?

My theory is that the case binds the left and right buds to each other so when reset in the case they become paired to each other. So long as same hardware revision. If you’re lucky if they were made identical you may be able to merge a left and right bought separately. But the factory changes hardware (e.g 3 versions of LA2) you’d struggle to be assured it would work.

I’ve only bought wireless buds once, bought two sets, knowing at some stage I’d be short of a bud or a case. It’s exactly how I buy my socks, I buy 3 identical pairs, not only does it reduce the sock draw effort, but also as one sock wears I don’t end up with 3 odd socks but fewer matching pairs.

I take that to an extreme, my socks come in packs of 10. And I throw away ones with holes without worrying about their mates.

But TWS earbuds and the opportunities to make the set worthless by losing one piece out of three - that is my least favorite element of the whole system. And it is clearly a widespread problem. Replacement parts out to be a standard item for sale.