I want to keep these headphones and buy 3 more but

I have the Liberty Air 2 Pro buds. I like them but I want to love them. I actually am considering buying 3 more pair for the family… But…

Biggest gripe… While EVERYTHING is wonderful to me, the ambient mode is less than functional. It would be nice maybe to have a volume increase somehow on the ambient noise.

If the ambient mode was louder it would cause feedback squeel.

You may be able to make the volume louder if you had a tighter seal like in a Liberty 3 Pro.

Wait does the liberty 3 pro exist?

Liberty 3…?

It does in the engineer’s minds eye, doesn’t exist in terms of what you can buy.

ANC sound volume has to be the same as the source to cancel it out, as it doesn’t cancel perfectly you get hiss.

Ambient mode as it transmits the source will cause a feedback loop, which places upper volume level related to how tight a seal in the ear canal. The seal is not that good for the LA2P but better on the L2P. The Liberty 3 Pro to give ambient mode will need a microphone just behind the grill, which will be quite the engineering feat.

I’m saying you can’t just wish a better ambient performance in an existing product, it has to be engineered.

Of course in the mind’s eye you can name a product what you like.

Ohhh, I see @The_Professor

The only thing about the LA2P I have really been a bit frustrated by is the inability to get it far enough in to seal. I don’t have the L2P to compare whether that would be better. Something about the shape of the LA2P hardware just blocks it from going in far enough no matter what I have tried.

I assume it works better for some, but that is one of the real challenges with in ear headphones - we all have different ear shapes, and no way to really tell how the fit will be short of trial and error.

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I’m thinking Soundcore engineers may be able to personally tweak a little better ambient using the HearID method where those with a better ear canal seal can be piped a louder ambient.

If anyone wants this then speak up soon as it’s easier to get wishlists met while the product is flagship.

It’s even easier to get what you want in a to-be-released product still at the design stage.

I suggest the best use of the members here is to think into the viable near future and make reasonable asks, as once it’s designed it’s too late.

I can’t get any in ear thing be a good fit, I need the wings to hook into the Cymba cavity. But I enjoy the ambient on my Q30 so appreciate why others are asking for in ear where the very same fit they have causes the greater need for ambient to get around the seal.