Ideas about upcoming Soundcore product

Made some research on upcoming Soundcore product.
Most likely it will be Life Q35. In that case it would be upgraded Life Q30 version.
It can be Life Tune XR (flagman level headphones that will replace Space NC)
But it can be absolute new headphones as well.
What do you think about it?
What new/updated features you expect to be added?

  • New entry level headhones (Life Q10 replacement)
  • Life Q35 (Life Q30 replacement)
  • New flagman $100+ value headphones (Space NC replacement)
  • None of above

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Until the specs and reviews and price is public it’s a waste of time guessing.

So why do a degree Soundcore is right to limit unannounced product discussion.

Based on what I know, it’s to run along as a “pro” version to the Q30, the price difference being obvious (once announced).

Well given that the life tune XR are already available the buy I would say that they would be a little late in making that announcement and drawing attention to it

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I agree. But I can see it from both sides.

It’s trivial to take an existing product, tweak it little and have more products. More products causes more sales. So I can see from a business perspective why they do it.

But from the consumer side it adds confusion and dither, we don’t have more qualititive choices, we get more quantitive choices.

So which side are we on? When the added Life headphones released we can ask questions, find the true difference and tell all potential buyers so they are informed.

Q35 will be loved by audiophiles.

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I am still waiting for Soundcore to make a single swing arm style over the ear headphones. Similar to these…