If One Soundcore Moton Boom Is Great, Then Two Must Be Better? (Review)

This review is concerning the Soundcore Motion Boom(s). I recently received my second Motion Boom. I got pretty good deals on mine. The 1st one was from Amazon who had a $10 discount so it was $79.99. The 2nd was from Newegg on sale and it was $76.49 but I also had a 10% off code which brought it down to $68 and change. Long story short, I paid a touch less than $150 for the pair. Even at the full price of $180 for the pair, I think the sound quality vs price is a steal of a deal.

Power: 30W
Drivers: 2 x 2.5" Titanium Drivers, 2 x Passive Bass Radiators
Ports: USB C to charge the Motion Boom, USB A to charge other devices from the Boom like your phone
Waterproof: IPX7 - Floats (I haven’t personally tested this)
Playtime: Up to 24 hours
Battery: 10,000 mAh

I originally bought one Motion Boom and needless to say was very happy. Which lead me to buy a second one. The sound quality of one was very good (using my own settings on the EQ available through the Soundcore App). To me it has a rich, full sound. Plenty of low end bass (plays down to ~40 Hz). The mids and highs are good as well. It’s loud without distorting.

When the second one arrived I easily paired it to the original Motion Boom via TWS (True Wireless Stereo). I tested it with playing Bad Company by Bad Company at ~70% volume. I then turned on the second one and literally jumped when it kicked in (I had a huge smile on my face). The difference was unbelievable. I could literally feel the sound. The sound-stage was great (I had them about 10 feet apart). I tested that with What Is and What Should Never Be by Led Zeppelin. At about 3:30 the guitar jumps back and forth from the left to right channel. It passed with flying colors.

I highly recommend the Motion Boom. If you can swing it two is even better than one hooked up in TWS. I really can’t see anyone being disappointed. Personally, these have been my best purchases in quite a long time.

I purchased both Motion Booms with my own money. I don’t work for Soundcore or Anker. No one asked me to say any of this. I’m just a happy customer
Music mentioned:

I hope you enjoyed reading the review. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.


I agree with this! 2 is better than 1! They make a massive sound!

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When the second one kicked in, I was amazed. I expected it to be better, but not that much better. It actually took me by surprise. :+1:

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Nice deal I’m not a huge speaker person since I share space with my fam and we all have different music tastes but when I start to branch out to more speakers besides my flare 2 I’ll give this a look. Nice review by the way

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Well done @Steve976 to the point and well put.

I also appreciate the links to the music videos from you testing :+1:

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Thanks guys for the feedback and kind words, I appreciate it.

PS I edited the first post to add some more pictures.

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@Steve976 Instead of buying the Q35 you put in $ 20 and you’ve got a great speaker set. Good idea!:+1:t2:
I wonder if even more speakers can be connected …

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@sodojka with TWS its only 2 of the same model in stereo. However some are party cast speakers which I believe up to 100 can be connected but in mono (with party cast I don’t believe they need to be the same model, just party cast speakers). Personally I prefer TWS because I like stereo and I don’t have 100 speakers. :grin:


@Steve976 Ok, now I understand. Thanks for the clarification👍🏻!

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@sodojka You’re welcome my friend. The way these Motion Booms work in TWS is actually pretty cool. Once you pair them once they remember as long as you don’t reset them. If you turn them both on when they are range of each other, they automatically go into TWS mode. Only 1 speaker connects to your phone, it’s the master or left channel. It controls the slave or right channel. I even tried setting different custom EQs for the slave {right} but it still played the same one that was set on the master {left}, which is what you want. The master also controls the volume. It’s really a slick setup the way they work.

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two is better makes it a party

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That’s for sure. I agree 100%.:+1:

I went the route of the flare 2s. Currently have 3, and gave some to family members at Christmas time.

Costco had a great deal here, 2 pack for $109. :flushed:

Not planning to get 100, but one never knows…

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@Steve976 You described it all👍🏻 - thanks again.
Have a good day at the lake!:grinning:

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I spent part of the day yesterday on the porch listening to Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon through the Motion Booms in TWS. By the way that is a great album to test out new speakers, headphones, or earbuds with. I had a smile on my face the whole time while listening to it (the more I listen to the Motion Booms, the more I like them).