If you could make a Soundcore commercial for a product what product would it be and describe the commercial

As I reading comments on @Chiquinho post about his speakers setup, I got to @TechMan comments for @Chiquinho to upgrade to get 100 flares. It struck me funny but as I thought about it more, I was thinking that would be a cool experience to be playing music with 100 Flares 2. So that then got me thinking would that not be a good commercial :wink: With that said here is my commercial idea with @Chiquinho at the center of it as he the classical music man.

Scene: 100 flare 2 are organized in a room. @Chiquinho enters the room, closes the door and walks to the chair in the center of the room that has a remote in the chair. There is a fan light above his head. He grabs the remote, and pulls the light cord, and the lights go off. You hear him sitting down. There is a pause and you hear a click on the remote (lol it is dark so you need a click lol). A few seconds later, you start hearing classical music playing and all the flares lights are come on and go off. As you watch, you see @Chiquinho using the remote as a conductors baton. Then text saying Flare 2. Buy 1 or 100. (the end)

So please join and describe an idea for a commercial. :wink:



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I’ll have to think of something later.

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Good visualization, I say a real world commercial featuring the LP2 would be awesome. Instead of the cliché person working out in a miraculously empty gym or getting on an empty train in New York. Show real people doing hard working jobs, or creatives out on the field painting a mural all the while being able to play music wirelessly.


What a great idea for a commercial! And what better model than Franz!

@Loz please make this happen!!!

Superbowl Ad here we come!


For the ad, people want to see how user experiences the audio than “How many speakers are playing” because people or audience only “see” and “not hear” the actual audio experience.

The idea may sound more interesting if Soundcore would have a meet-up or a show and demonstrate this to a bigger crowd (of course, press is invited) and make waves in the market.

My 2 cents…


With special guest appearance of Willy :tongue:


This is a great idea and, at the very least, it’s given me an idea for another article! Watch this space!


I don’t have any great ideas at the moment, maybe later. But yours is pretty entertaining.

Great idea @Duane_Lester nice visualization, you have great skills to be a commercial ad film maker :+1:
In addition, if Soundcore can present this type of challenges to audience and they spread the word that could be another great idea as @Shenoy says. Can’t think of any other idea for now.
@Loz invite Franz @Chiquinho to NY to demonstrate this :laughing: Of course he can bring Willy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL Maybe Willy is already in the room vacuuming with Duchess and Mary. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: LOL or he could pick Willy up as he comes in and sit him on his lap and start petting Willy like a dog LOL