I'm a day late but here is my Space Q45 review!


Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been anxiously awaiting your take on them! :+1:

I’m personally trying to figure out if it’s worth Upgrading if you already have the Q35?


I answered that exact question in this video at 18:54 in this video.


Thank you my friend. I’m getting ready to head over to YouTube to watch it in it’s entirety! :+1:


Nice review. Tganks for sharing.


Your reply there is consistent with other reviewers.

As a Q30 owner I’m sitting waiting for them to fail, there wasn’t enough of an update for me to jump to Q35, and now also not for Q45. When ANC matters I use Sony and the Q30 have helped reduce wear on my Sony.

I am wondering if the Q45 is to the Q35 what the L2P+ was to the L2P, and then the L3P was released.

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Thanks for posting this @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS the connectivity through two to three walls is very useful to me as my source of Ldac is usually in a different room than me and with an open floor plan house I am usually no more than 2 walls away I was worried about the weight and bulkiness and you are putting my mind at ease . I might actually give them a try. As stated before weight and fit are very important to me. I love your reviews and how you break it down so real. You also gave me some helpful tip on how I can possibly help stretch them, I dont think my head is bigger, but actually more sensitive to even the slightest touch and weight. . I just wish there was a store where I could actually try them on before I buy but alas unless I want to drive back to NYC to a store I know there and if they actually carry Soundcore products I know , here in the rural mountains I have no place to try them on so online is my only way of ordering them. Again TY for your review and just being so honest in your reviews and actually talking about the stuff that matters in comparisons.

To be clear, when I mentioned 2 to 3 walls I was on AAC and not LDAC.


You live in different parts of USA.

El Jefe lives in bay area, earthquake zone, where buildings tend to be wood covered with cement. (They are lighter, easier to repair after quake). You live in USA northeast where more use of brick and thicker walls.

So you probably find Bluetooth distance different.

What absorbs 2.4Ghz most is water and metal, metal is in brick, the darker / redder the worse.

However, external over ear headphones are inherently better with Bluetooth, their antennas are both larger and further away from the body so the safest way to guess is an existing over ear headphone would tend to get similar performance regardless of make/model. It’s less safe to extrapolate between different in-ear products.

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I sort of figured that would be your conclusion @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS.
Thanks for the review. It was well done as always! :+1:

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