I'm loving my soundcore flare+

I can’t wait to buy the flare s+

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can you provide more detail other than your loving it? you posted in the review section so you can add what you like about the speaker, what you dislike, the sound quality, bass level you can post all sorts of things for a review. also include some pictures as people love pictures


I agree with @Tank. It does not have to be anything real big but we do like to hear about different people’s experiences as it can help others who may be coming here to check out reviews on whether to get one or not.

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You could tell us a little more about.
You like the sound, the haptic etc.

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I think, going forward - these one-liner I Love / Like my Soundcore _______ should be closed… these are spams in my opinion…

But this is my opinion… :crazy_face:

—> Feedback to Soundcore Crew

@Loz — Is there a way, community config can have a specific number of words when anyone creates a thread, these one liners are annoying!

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Believe character count can be set, not certain about word…would be a good idea to put a limit regardless like others have already mentioned…perhaps 100 to 150 characters which is similar to an average sentence :thinking:

Good points stated.

I think this was why @Tank , @Chiquinho and me were trying to get this fine new community member to express his love of the product.

Since you thought of this @Shenoy, I think you can make a suggestion thread so that we could talk over the merits of this on that thread vs on this user’s review thread. :slight_smile:

I think the feedback above suffices it… feedback provided, :slight_smile:

gotta love these words :smiley:

I really like your gesture here … good moderation :+1:

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