Improvements to make on LIBERTY 3 PRO?

These are my suggestions, please add your own.

Better fit, perhaps oval fitting in the ear to have a better hold. I had problems where the ear piece fell out on numerous occasions and didn’t feel comfortable when worn and didn’t pass the head on pillow test.

The touch controls on the ear pieces were not consistent and didn’t always work, particularly when you had to tap 3 times. The tap controls were also uncomfortable to use as the tapping would vibrate through the ear.

The equaliser didn’t make much adjustment when altering the EQ.

The wing tips were useless, perhaps there could be an over ear hook to add for running? Making them more versatile.

More adjustable ANC, when using the ambient sounds with meditation, being able to adjust this with outside sounds will create the best surround sound experience. The balance between inside and outside sounds in harmony.

Not sticking out of the ears too much. When in the ears, the Lib 3 pro, stick out like they’re hanging out of the ear. It looks uncomfortable to look at and feels it too.

The wings getting too greasy and slip off the clip too easily making the seal very unstable. The clip needs to be bigger or the rubber less slippery.

Water proof against water damage. The case is too sensitive and needs water seals possibly.

These are my suggestions to upgrade the liberty 3 pros of what are outstanding ear buds.

Those are some great suggestions. I agree with how far they stick out. These types of ear buds almost never fit right and need more options when it comes to ear pads.

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I actually like mine. They never fall out and sound great.

Lets be realistic here. Soundcore makes smaller Buds, but they don’t sound as good. Physics come into play when speakers are involved. There is no free lunch. Better ANC and Transparency would be nice, but in the end all I really care about is the sound. The other stuff is extras to me.

What would be nice is increased battery life while using LDAC but that would mean a bigger battery resulting bigger/heavier Buds. Like I said there is no free lunch.

Also there is the Sport Series if you want hooks.

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now this is something i will have to think about to through my opinion out there ill be back soon with my say

I believe they can increase battery life while making it a little smaller, not put a bigger battery in but newer more integrated smaller electronics which are more efficient. The electronics in the P3 updated version shows around 20%-30% reduction is possible and while there is no teardown yet of the A40 I suspect the electronics shrinkage within the A40 can be done the L3P. You’d not be able to make something sound as good as L3P at the A40 size, but you can make a smaller L3P using the same electronic changes they implemented in the A40.

15% smaller L3P and 10% better battery life is highly viable with no drop in sound quality. Question is: is it worth it?

There’s no sign, no hints, a L3P successor is imminent.

The LA2P is January 2021 launch, L3P is October 2021.

So the next opportunity for a big leap is a LA2P successor, followed by L3P successor, as each crosses the line of worthwhile to do an update.

What makes the L3P shound better is the dual inline drivers. That necessarily makes it bigger, longer, and that protruding into the electronics makes it wider at the outside. They can make it a little smaller just with electronics changes, sounding no worse, but to make it a lot smaller may well cause it to sound worse.

Challenging engineering.

I would think that with the dual drivers, no matter what it will consume more battery. I think it’s just the nature of the beast. Heck, I think it’s already ~30% smaller than the L2P and L2P+.

In all honesty, if I want longer battery life, I just need to disable LDAC. That being said it really doesn’t bother me since I rarely use them fo mare than an hour at a time. On top of that I have plenty of Earbuds that have LDAC if I needed to use them for an extended period of time.

PS As a side note, for a long listening sessions, I’d use Speakers or Headphones. I only like Earbuds in my ears for so long.

Correct, the L3P dual drivers will always make something sounding that good worse battery life than single driver products.

But they can make L3P battery life and physical size slightly better for no discernible drop in sound quality. They also can also redesign the case and put in a bigger battery in the case.

I suspect if they did such a product, existing L3P owners would not upgrade, but it would bring new customers who were put off by the size of the L3P.

If they are waiting for driver technology improvement to make a substantially bigger improvement in size and battery life, may well be 2 years total so a long wait, until L3P owners saw a justification to upgrade.

Only they know :wink:

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the only thing I can think of for sure is more variety in tip and wing sizes possibly additional sales by packaging a smaller set and larger set for purchase separately . I know I would be willing to pay additionally for a set of tips if i knew they were smaller than the original ones that came with the buds.

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The L3P teardown insides

The dual inline drivers causes it to protrude into the PCB the half circle shown here

If they can shrink the drivers down then the PCB can shrink significantly.

Also if you look at say the P3 A3939, they redesigned the insides.




Just observe what they managed to do in fewer components and fewer solders from original June 2021 to updated April 2022. So imagine if that same ingenuity could be done to the October 2021 L3P.

If they did do both it would then allow a higher capacity battery, currently it is… ( I can’t read that, smudged)

But they on other products often use a 0.204Wh cell. Say they moved up to 0.274Wh cell, 34% increase.

This is where you here interested can direct future L3P improvements. How much does size vs battery matter? They could keep the same 0.204Wh cell, shrink the electronics and drivers, and make say 20% battery life improvement and say 30% smaller bud, or put in a larger cell and shrink electronics and drivers and make say 50% battery life improvement and say 15% smaller. I think on balance I see more interest in shrinkage than battery life?

There’s far less tough trade-off decisions can be made with a LA2P sucessor, as it has all that space in the stem, they could add a lot of feature/spec upgrades to that 2 year old stick product. Having used the X10 for a few months, and with a view of the P3 changes, I think a IPX7 10 hour battery great sounding LA2P sucessor is highly viable, less need for genius than a substantial L3P improvement.

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Interesting, I’m curious if the liberty 4 is the way to go the liberty 4 pro design? It seems like the most practical design for fit. :thinking:

That a very good thought to ponder

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If the reviews of the sound quality of the L4 were consistently stating better than the L3P, then yes it would be logical to see a L3P successor sooner. But so far the consensus seems to be saying currently not that, so I think L3P sucessor is further out.

To add a pulse check implies sports but you need better than IPX4. That’s a surprise, they did IPX7 on the X10.

Let’s wait for owner reviews and firmware updates, should be along within a month.

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I fully agree: the silicon wings are getting loose too easily. With usage the housing is getting slippery due to finger prints fat. As a result the fit is far from secure.

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