In ear detection not working on liberty air 2

i just recently bought soundcore Liberty Air2. but the in ear detection is not working. and also left earbud is not simultaneously connecting along with right one. some one please help me.

For the in ear sensor if they do not have the auto pause feature there isn’t and in ear sensor.

For the other try resetting the earbuds and delete the Bluetooth connection from your device.

there is sensor.but still no response

What is your firmware? We have gound that there are 2 versions. If it startvwith a 4 it has autopause and a 10.XX firmware is no autopause.

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firmware is 01.53 it says.thats it.

Lol. I knew about that one as that one seemed to be new.

I do not have the full spec on this one. I was thinking this had the autopause and does it also have the single tap as well.

ya its a new one.i just bought it. it do come with single tap function also.

Can you take a screenshot of the controls of that page.
Also at the very bottom does it have auto pause listed like this?

nop. doesn’t say that.

Seems like yours does NOT have the in ear sensor for auto pause. Let me guess, you have the silver/white pair?

sorry but ur wrong.i have the black ones. im confident that its having that sensor. all the youtube review shows the feature.

They released an new pair with a different firmware. Your firmware is 1.53 where as the first iteration of liberty air 2 is on a firmware of 4.30. Sorry to say most reviews came from first iteration that had auto pause.

can i get that 4.30 firmware

You would have to buy the pair with that firmware more than likely.
You can contact support and see what they say.

My goodness… 3rd iterations on these earbuds. I am just waiting on the 4th of these single/double tap earbuds with auto pause now. :rofl:

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