Incorrect information on Motion Boom Plus

Hi @konstantin-rus and everyone!

Thank you for your questions and apologies for taking this long to answer.

About the power output of the Motion Boom Plus’s woofer and tweeter.

The loudspeaker system power is impacted by transducer , amplifier , enclosure size etc. Transducer power is only one of the factors, but actually, the system power is rated as listed: woofer 2x30W, tweeter 2x10W.

About the Motion Boom Plus’s Battery

Both the charging time and battery life stipulated in the SAR report are correct. The Motion Boom Plus features a 2s2p battery pack. The capacity of a single battery is 3350mah. The speaker, however, includes a total of 4 batteries.

Hope that answers your questions and helps you understand the different technical specs of the Motion Boom Plus.

If you have any other questions, I’ll ask the team to look into it and see if they can shine some light on this!


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