Incorrect "Points Earned This Month" Displayin in Referral Area

Hi Collective,

Just an FYI I’m aware of this issue and will ask IT to rectify it once everyone is back from the Golden National Week holiday here in China.

For now we can just keep track of the Top 10 via the leaderboard. I’ll also get this month’s prizes added in soon.



Glad you’re taking care of the situation! Can’t wait to see what kind of prizes there will be :grin:


Man you have a strange idea of how “time off” works. Not that we don’t appreciate the info and such but time off is cool too! :joy:

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Lol I agree. He hasn’t really stopped being active since his vacation started.

Hopefully he gets a good break the rest of the week, not that all the contest pandemonium is over hehe

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I’ve got my wellies on this month :joy::joy:

This just raised the stakes :flushed:. Glad I got started early. Well, back to the old grind :joy:

While this monthly referral game has it’s good points (bad pun :grin:) we seem to be seeing a flood of users joining, yet not contributing anything constructive, if at all…

Mass signup’s are great but also kinda pointless if the assignee’s are not going to post or contribute…other than contributing to extending the user numbers :thinking:

Perhaps interactive contests (design etc) might change things going forward…

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Could be that Lawrence has a required amount of users that he needs to hit in order for this project to be considered “a success”

Or maybe he gets a bonus for the amount of new users (as in not from anker) he introduces to the brand.

Obviously I don’t know if either of those things are true, just speculation.

Loz FTW as usual.

Strange. When you hit any of the prizes on the referral page, it always takes you to a topic that you don’t have access to…

That may be a good idea as well.

When I first started in Anker, I was just there due to I found the site (not sure how) but I did like the products and then was just reading articles and such. I may have made a few comments and during a contest that said if you participated you got some bucks. I eventually learned that if you did things, you got bucks for it. It was not out there for me to know being active got me bucks for me to do stuff, what the levels were ( I hit level 6 a week ago and did not know I was close).

So with this I think Soundcore needs a section where it could be a resource to show how to earn points, leveling and how to get notes. PS if you look at some of the current topic, they are new users making topic when they need to be made comments on a topic.

If you look at the top 10 right now, it is mostly Anker folks (2 I am not sure of). I did see about 3000 on the Soundcore Limited Pro contest which is good that some are looking at the site right now.

So they may want to start out some contest where if they gain so much during a month then they are entered into a contest.

With this said, I have not heard how Anker users points transfer will affect points in Soundcore. Will they get their points and they will not count for the month or will they get their points and it will count for the month points totals. LOL I mean some of you guys got like 70,000 points. So if you get your points and those are added for the month then top 10 will be more insane looking than last month.

With that said as well, I will congrats you guys with 10 of thousands of points. I think some of you will almost max out your Soundcore levels… I will also congrat you guys as some of you will get another 840 notes and about 6 of the double pass.

@TechMan You seem to be media machine, more of an influencer … with lot of contacts still signing up for you :+1:t2:

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Nope, barely even use social media lol

Dont let his sign ups fool you, he already said hes using a proxy/vpn so he can hide his ip address as he creates troves of new accounts

@TechMan I’m joking with ya, so take a chill and relax a bit


vb_lol vb_rl


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