Increse volume of soundcore life note E

How do you increse volume of soundcore life note E?

Do not have it. I do not think there is a volume boost on any earbuds. It could be the device or the phone.

If you need to know how to turn up the volume by the device there should be directions with it or you can find them on the soundcore website.

You can check the BT cog wheel and make sure the audio is on.

I would really check the device as sometimes that volume may get turned down. If you hit volume up, you should see 3 dots. Click on that and it should show several different volume controls. If low increase it and see if that helps (I think mine has like 4 different ones but not sure how other phones will do).

Contact the service department as a last resort if nothing works.

Make sure the buds are perfectly inserted in your ears,
otherwise the sound is bad and the volume is low.

You can increase the volume on the device you connect to the buds.

DON’T FORGET: Listing to music at high volume will damage your hearing abilty,

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