Infini Pro – will it ever be available in the UK?

I have had my eyes on a Sound Bar for quite some time, and wanted to know if anyone knows whether the “Infini Pro” will ever be available in the UK?

It is on the US Soundcore site, but not on the UK site. Are there technical reasons why it is not available in the UK?

I know other Sound Bars are available, but I would prefer to keep any purchases in the Soundcore family of course!


While you wait for a reply here, I’d always for such questions also put an email to Soundcore to maximise both chance of a reply and for the reply to become yes.

You’re correct of course there is probably no technical reason, it must just be due to UK being a small market and of course Brexit makes everything more difficult.


I am seeing a USA C8 power cord. So the only possible technical barrier I could theoretically see is they designed it only for 115V which would be exceptionally rare as most electronics which are not high wattage are multi voltage just so it can work in any market and you just ship with the right cord for the country.


Thanks @The_Professor, I will definitely drop Soundcore an email, as it seems to be a part of their offering that they could expand in the UK. Yeah, that Brexit thing again! It has made all our lives here in the UK so much better!!!


Infine Pro was available on (out of stock right now) so I guess there are no problems with european Voltage.


Probably be best to ask Support. At the very least, they would know there is interest! :+1:

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