Infiny PRO - HDMI ARC port disconnecting issue

My new Infini PRO soundcore soundbar is disconnecting by itself when connected to the TV via HDMI ARC port. It starts working after the connection is refreshed or the device is restarted.
Any idea what could be the reason?

I don’t have this one; @Ice does, and I think he had a few other issues as well - not sure if he could help out.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiences issues. My initial thought is to say it might be a firmware update that needs to happen. However I am not totally sure. If you don’t get a good answer here I would definielty reach out to the support team You can drop them an email at

@MAK38 Sorry to hear about your issue, I have the same complaint. It’s a huge drawback for such a great soundbar.
It often disconnects and sound comes from my TV speakers which makes it useless.
@Loz I see no upgrades of this speaker, does Soundcore has any plans to bring the improved versions of this soundbar?

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Between your issues, and those I have with the base version that haven’t been resolved, this is an area where they haven’t put as much energy as some other products.

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Defo a question for @galaxy.zhang

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i found this to be a common issue when more than one hdmi device is connected to tv!

Disabling Pin 13 in HDMI cable might be a solution. you need to try a cec-less hdmi adapter.

my question would be? is it going to be controlled with one remote all devices if i disable pin 13?