Inflation is killing some summer music festivals in the UK


Inflation is killing much more important things.

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That is very true, but since this isn’t a political platform, I was sticking to news about music.


I was never talking about “politics”.
Buit everyone can build his option about what is NOT said here!

Sad. Thanks for sharing

Yeah, I would say it’s hurting everything. Thanks for sharing. :+1:

Maybe it’ll bring back down the prices of things when people stop going… lol… wait…no… ‘80s…

Be curious as to how much a Glastonbury tic would be…


It will bring music events to how they used to be.

The artists have other jobs and music is for fun, they don’t expect much money.
Every aspect of the event is run by enthusiasts.
The ticket prices are affordable.

Greed at every level doesn’t work if the prices aren’t affordable.

Why does a musician need $M a year?