Integration with Apple's Hearing Health feature

Apple’s Hearing Health feature inside the Health app enables the user to monitor decibel levels and exposure times and avoid long-term hearing damage.

I noticed my Liberty Air 2 Pro’s don’t show up in this feature whereas some other 3rd party earbuds do.

It would be great to integrate Soundcore products with the Hearing Health feature for iOS users.

Interesting feature. Wonder if it is due to they did not decide to do it (maybe due to a cost) or maybe it was a certain feature that came from the BT or other reason (ie more geared to Android).

If they know about it, I would figure they considered as a feature.

Heck I figure it will not be long before we can test our blood pressure, sugar level and other medical stuff from a headphone :rofl:

I will say that I forget wheat device I had that did give an indicator that you need to take a break from it.