Interface trouble

Hello :wave:t4:

I was wondering if there is some way that I can change the colors of the titles and other things or is that just something standard? I am colorblind and the light mode is too bright it starts to strain my eyes and leads to a headache…

That’s what dark mode is for is what you are saying to yourself at the moment right :joy:… well whatever color scheme is used I cannot read anything. All the topics and everything blend together basically and it’s impossible to read so I’m kinda struggling over here :joy:

We all had that issue when they upgrade some parts of the site. Dark mode just made the color change but it did not change the color scheme for the text.

So I had found an extension that works for Firefox. The extension is called dark reader. It should correct the dark site with dark text.

If you use another browser you can try to something similar and it should fix it.