Intermittent connection with liberty air 2 pro

So this issue has been stuck with me for weeks, while I was wearing the air 2 pro, it was having intermittent connection where the sound is breaking several times in a while, like literally breaking 2-4 times between 1-2 sec while listening to music and it makes the experience so bad at the moment.

I’ve noticed that it usually happen when I was on a jog and pass by a car, the sound and connection will start to break…and sometimes it happens when I accidentally move the case open while jogging, hopefully this issue can be fixed, it happens every single day :frowning:, and I’ve reset several times and it’s not working for me :(.

Btw, I’m using IPhone 6 Plus with iOS 12.4.7, hope someone can address this issue of mine, thanks in advance.

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You bought Bluetooth wireless buds which work best with Bluetooth version 5, and then are using with a phone which is version 4.2

So what’s happening is the first bud you take out the case, the right one usually, is forwarding the signal to the other bud, so the signal is going from phone to right bud then from there to left bud. Not ideal.

If it is worse passing cars it’s due to induction and interference, being near metal object and near another 2.4Ghz source.

Try placing the phone near to the right bud, and consider a new Bluetooth 5 phone, or don’t use wireless buds with such an old phone.

When your phone was released 7 years ago , Bluetooth 5 didn’t yet exist, and neither did wireless buds because they’d fail like yours do. Bluetooth 5 existed since 3 years ago which allows for the signal to be sent to each earbud directly and so wireless buds were then allowed to exist and work reliability. Basically your buds are 5 years newer technology than your phone and they are not getting along in some situations like what you describe. So place the phone nearer to the right bud (lowest cost) or go back to the technology of the era of your phone (wired buds like the Soundcore Spirit) or get a newer phone (highest cost).

I’d also expect your right bud to lose battery significantly faster than the left as it’s having to do the double lift of forwarding the signal to the left. That is much less of an issue with a newer BT 5 phone.


Thanks for the precious information, I thought it’s only dependant on the Bluetooth devices compatibility rather than the mobile phone’s Bluetooth hardware components, I do appreciate your effort to provide clear explanation :slight_smile:.

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Also, not specific to bluetooth versions…

When you jog you cause static electricity, it sparks across to you continuously which causes a broad spectrum but low Wattage interference.

Water absorbs electromagnetic waves, and so a signal which passes through your body is made weaker, you are 2/3rds water. Bluetooth is perfectly safe, the power is very low, but it means its more vulnerable to interference and absorbtion.

When indoors you get some reflection off walls, when outdoors you don’t, metal absorbs so outdoors passing a car is nicely matching what you’d expect.

When you do something like have the phone body-hugging it passes through more of you to get to the ear than if held in the right hand.

In reality in the jogging scenerio, the easiest it keep the phone as near to you right ear as practical, say on your right arm or on right side of hip, or simply hold it in your right hand.

Do you keep the phone on the left side normally? If so, try on right side and that might be all you have to do to fix this without spending $.

If you do get a bluetooth 5 phone (nearly everything made in last 2-3 years) then it will be substantially improved. If keeping phone on right nearer head works for you, if happy with old phone, then cool.

Further reading

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I have a similar issue. I’m on an IPHONE 7. Though these were designed for BT 5, the fact is that the manufacturer understands backwards compatibility

My soundcore app disconnects frequently from the phone. Additionally, I’ve had stuttering on phone calls.
Stay tuned.

I’d eliminate as much as possible.

Reboot phone.

Delete pairing, uninstall app.
Pair. Install app.

But in general BT 4.2 phones work less well with BT 5 wireless buds as they use double the spectrum.

The Liberty Air 2 Pros are connecting to blue tooth just fine. It’s the SoundCore App that keeps dropping.
Anker denies that the app would have trouble with the IPHONE 7. I’ve done all of the above, reset, uninstalled app, updated firmware, deleted pairing. The problem just resumes. App drops multiple times/ day. Sad.

I have a similar issue as above, but with iPhone XR, which it BT5.0.

The “disconnect” happens so quick that I can’t actually tell if its a dis-con, or something else.
It happens pretty much regardless of activity…on the sofa, on the patio, walking the dog…there seems to be no correlation between the dis-con & the surroundings.
It also doesn’t matter what I’m listening to…content via Plex/YT/Netflix/Spotify…

As to what actually happens…
There is a 1-2 second gap in playback. The source continues, and the audio is back & continues as if nothing happened.
Initially I thought it was “wear detection”, but thats turned off.
I’m assuming that as both phone & buds are BT5.0 I’ve not got the phone > bud > bud chain thing as above.

I also use the buds on my laptop when on Zoom calls, and (although I’m not 100%) I don’t think I get the same behavior…

Emailing SC support to see if they have any suggestions as well as posting here for the “hive mind” input.

I’m pretty confident the phone isn’t the problem, as I don’t have this issue with my Q35 headphones