International talk like a pirate day!

Did you talk like a pirate today?

  • Now way. I’m an adult and you’re ridiculous. Grow up.
  • I didn’t remember it was talk like a pirate day today. DANGIT!
  • I was going about my day as normal, then some scurvy landlubber shivered me timbers and now I can’t pull down me sails! ARR!
  • Arr, I’ve been sailin’ the seven seas since you was a sardine grabbin’ yer wenches’ corset.
  • I’m actually a pirate and this is highly offensive. Please stop stereotyping my people.

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Yer welcome, ya scurvy dogs.

This is so derogatory. Stop insulting us real pirates :joy:


Word :rofl:

Missing an option of ‘what the hell are you on about’ :wink: Actually had to look this up as I’d never heard of it :blush:

Didn’t talk is close enough for me…just a landlubber :wink: :laughing:

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Well now my day is ruined because I didn’t know that was a thing yesterday. I could have screwed with so many people at work and had a viable reason for doing so.

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Arrr this is a gooden’!

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Haha this is awesome. Nice job @gANKstER !

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