Introducing PartyCast™ Technology

So, you’ve got a Bluetooth speaker? That’s neat.

Oh, you have a home stereo system? Nice, I’m sure your music sounds fantastic.

Wooow, home theater with a 5.1 setup? Cool, that movie must sound awesome in surround sound.

If you hadn’t noticed, I’m being deliciously sarcastic.

After the Soundcore engineers went insane and developed a system to connect over 100 Bluetooth speakers simultaneously, I simply won’t listen to audio in any other way. PartyCast™ is the future. And while you may think ‘100 speakers’ is an exaggeration, I’m here to show you that there are plenty of realistic scenarios that simply wouldn’t be feasible with any fewer.

Our first speaker to feature PartyCast™ is Flare 2, so here are 5 REALISTIC scenarios in which anything less than 100 Flare 2 speakers would never work!

A Party In Your Mansion

Don’t you hate it when you have a party and invite all your friends but they all seem to end up in different rooms? The smokers are on the balcony, the artists are in the studio, the musicians are in the rehearsal room, the jocks are in the games room, and you’re just running between them all to make sure everyone is having a good time. With PartyCast™, you can simply put a speaker in every room in your mansion and hey presto, a good time is guaranteed for all.


What happens if you put 100 speakers in a room with 100 guinea pigs? Yeah, I don’t know either but I kind of really want to. Let’s see what changes if we flip the music from classical baroque to German techno! Flare 2’s dual light rings will synchronize with PartyCast™ as well, perhaps the right lighting could make the little buggers really party. Who says animal experimentation is evil?!

Build Your Own Airport

Right, hear me out here. Traditionally, airports will use loud speakers to scare away birds from runways. Just ask Tina Turner, her music has been used for decades to help planes take off ‘bird-free’. But planes also need light patterns to know where the runway is at night. Are you catching my drift? Flare 2 kills both birds (heh) with one amazing stone. Line up the Flare 2 speakers, start the Tina Turner, and start charging the airlines.

Film an Alien Invasion

The only thing scarier than 100 flying saucers coming to destroy Earth is 200 flying saucers coming to destroy Earth. It’s probably about twice as scary! Although 100 Flare 2 speakers playing in the dark isn’t scary at all, with the right photography it can be made to look like 200 flying saucers thanks to its dual light rings that synchronize perfectly with each other.

Have The Loudest, Brightest Party You Could Ever Imagine

OK, this one is actually realistic (sorry if you’ve already started construction on your airport). PartyCast™ is super cool. Unlike ordinary Bluetooth speakers which might be able to connect with one or two other speakers, PartyCast™ can connect with as many as you can get in the same space (we honestly haven’t found the limit yet). And it doesn’t just synchronize the sound, all the beat-driven light shows will also play in time. Oh, and PartyCast™ will synchronize across loads of other Soundcore speakers; just look for the PartyCast™ logo. Your Neighbours’ noise tolerance really is the limit, so see how far you can push it :wink:

So what about you guys, what would you do if you had 100 speakers that you could link together? Let us know in the comments and if we decide to use your idea in any future content we might even give you a Flare 2!

Lastly, to help start your collection (and airport) of Flare 2 speakers, we’ve got a 15% discount. Get yours here!


About ready to leave work and stating the first thought for 100 speakers out there.

What if you are shipwrecked on an island with your 100 friends(Your PartyCast"away"group). You can use the 100 Flares to signal for help. With100 Flare 2 it would make a great HELP US sign or say the party is here.


That is pretty clever. Writing words out with 100 speakers!


I’d arrange the 100 flares in the shape of a tree and make it a party Christmas Tree. Already prelit and full of sound awaiting Santa Claus. It would be a sight and sound even for the jolly fellow.


With a 100 wireless speakers to form a Soul train line to dance too for all friends and family.


I want a few more flare 2s. I plan to purchase 3 more in the coming months.


Yes! Flare 2 conga line!


With 100 speakers? I’d open a car movie theater, and give a speaker to everyone, so that they can watch the movie in the car.

Or give each room one in my dorm and play the same music in every single one and have the biggest dorm paryt ever.


Personally I would rent out a space for a party . It does not need to be a huge venue, enough for lets say 100 people, and create a wall effect similar to how NanoLeaf’s are set up. Finding a way to be able to make them all be able to move on a similar color wave, I would create visual effects by having them all lay flat. Set it up on a controller (be it sound based or choreographed) I would turn it into my own personal rave. Each would be housed in their own enclosure (similar to how a bass reflex enclosure works) as to emanate the most sound from each.



Click here for visual


First I’ll have the best party with 100 :100: speakers spread out in the whole house

Then it’s even good to use @ work for a huge building or a lot of rooms to but a speaker in each room


100 flares… why 100, may be 100 plus Flare 2 speakers for Pool Party!

Pool Party with 100+ Flare 2 equally placed all around the Pool!

Make it Colorful, Soulful and Soundful :smiley:

This is a workable idea for an Ad!!


I would give them away to subscribers of my twitch channel, but would probly keep a few for my self tho hehe


Combine bass efforts to see how powerful it can be. See if you could break something, or how far away you can hear it.


So I am back home and had another thought for how to use them. I always liked the glow and look from a Chinese lantern. I think it would be cool to see them hung up like the the Chinese lanterns or maybe to set up in a way to fit them inside of the lantern and let the Flair lights glow and then you will 100 speakers above your head.


Hang them from trees in a foggy forest and play creepy music from them. Have your own haunted forest complete with scary lighting!


Superbowl commercial 2021


How about one of those color run or themed running event.

Picture the inner ring of a high school/college running track lined with FLARE IIs.

At the end of the run, you would party in the infield!


I would put them all over my house. I would play loud sounds and annoy everyone until they found all 100. I would put them in the hardest spots to find them (like in the walls).
If the range was long enough I would put them around the whole neighborhood, and at night I would blast sounds and wake everyone up.


I would use it during band practice. Since while practicing songs the noise level can get high, so I would have speakers placed around the room so that the sound will be loud enough for us to here while practicing.