Introducing Soundcore’s Official Music Streaming Platform, LÜM | Soundcore Stories

LÜM is the music streaming platform for “the best music you’ve never heard”, and as part of our pledge to support grassroots musicians, you can now find it in the Soundcore app. We sat down with LÜM’s CEO - Max Fergus - to discuss the new partnership, what it means for LÜM’s musicians and what it means for Soundcore customers.

For those without a subscription service - Listen Here


Learn more about LÜM:


Congratulations! This is awesome and looks like it is going to be a great venture for both Soundcore and artists going forward. I especially like the idea for the gifting support system and The Exchange:

LÜM has created the first ever virtual gifting support system that puts more money in artists’ pockets

Notes are worth cash! One Note is equal to the revenue generated by one stream on other streaming platforms.

Not sure if the Exchange concept exists elsewhere (I have not seen something that extensive), but that truly makes it a one stop shop for anyone/


Getting ready to list to as I am on lunch


Nice podcast. I am updating my app as I type. Great service for potential stars of the future.

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Nice podcast.

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May have to check later as I have updated it and do not see the LUM in it yet.

Watched it and enjoyed it when it first came out. Congratulations on the launch and partnership! I don’t see stuff about LUM on the app so will have to dig around and find it out

Great podcast

This is a nice partnership

I’m also not seeing the update rolled out yet.

Slightly more likely to use it if it is in an app I already have, but it depends what the interface actually looks like in the end.

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I may have just been late on the last update. LOL

My app updated two minutes ago, and I still don’t see it. So…

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Although they stated it was in the app, I wonder if that update has not been pushed out yet and may have had to break it down into more than one updates.

My app updated 7 hours ago and I see the LA2P

The post says the LUM will be included in the app. That is what I was saying I don’t see still.


out of curiosity will these soundcore stories be announced after they stream and is the new stream time the one we are sticking with?

Hopefully they take it back to the way it was. Or give us updates on it.

They will be advertised in advance, the same as season one! :+1: Glad y’all enjoyed this first episode, Max is a super interesting guy! In terms of the app integration that is on it’s way soon!

Not every episode will be streamed either, this was another opportunity to test streaming capabilities before the launch event :wink: I will try and include some more of the video footage on here in this season for those who enjoy watching along though!


I don’t see it either