Introducing the All-New Motion Boom Plus!

Hey everyone! We’ve got some huge and exciting news for you today! We can finally spill the beans on what we’ve been working hard on: Motion Boom Plus —the next generation of outdoor speakers. Remember Motion Boom? We now have an upgraded and even better version of it!


Lauching on 30th May, 2022, Motion Boom Plus is supercharged with some of these awesome new features:

  1. Epic Outdoor Sound :loud_sound:

With a whopping 80W audio output, upgraded titanium drivers, and BassUp technology, Motion Boom Plus certainly packs a punch. Equipped with dual 3.5-inch woofers and combined with passive bass radiators at the ends of the speaker, it enhances bass notes from the music you love. Not to forget, the dual tweeters give you a crystal-clear sound too!

  1. Ultra-Portable & Outdoor-Ready :camping:

Designed with a removable shoulder strap and built-in handle, Motion Boom Plus brings a new level of portability to music lovers—perfect for festival season or a great camping trip. Just like the previous Motion Boom speaker, it floats in the water and is IP67 waterproof so you can even take it for a swim. With the dustproof feature added to the latest version, it’s now ready for the beach too!

  1. Extended Battery Life :battery:

With its 13,400 mAh internal battery, Motion Boom Plus portable Bluetooth speaker provides up to 20 hours of playtime, so you can party from sunrise to sunset without worry.

  1. PartyCast 2.0 and Personalized Sound :dancing_women:

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include the PartyCast feature and just like before, you can easily link up to 100 of your PartyCast speakers together. Get your Flare 2, Soundcore 3, Trance Go, and other compatible speakers to create booming sound and get the party started! Besides, you can also adjust the EQ settings for personalized sound according to your preferences via the Soundcore app.

The new Motion Boom Plus will officially be released on 30th May, and if you’re living in the US / UK / DE / CA you can get yourself an early bird deal for just $1 / £1 / €1 / CAD $1 respectively for an exclusive discount that won’t be available to anyone else.

:us: US:

:uk: UK:

:de: DE:

:canada: CA:

What are you waiting for? Head over to the pre-order page to grab your exclusive early bird coupon now and don’t forget to tell us if you’re excited for Motion Boom Plus in the comments below! :point_down:


Excelent specs.
Looks nice as well.
Nice belt.
If you will need amateur review on Community, I am in :smiley:

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Wow! Great specs for a portable. 80 watts is big!

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What’s the 20 hour battery life reduce to when 80W?


Can’t wait to hear reviews of this beast of a speaker.

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Sooo many questions…

  • will it tip face down if put into water?
  • is partycast 2 compatible with previous partycast?

Nice to see evolution of this game change, can’t wait for the reviews to start hitting the waves…

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I saw this earlier today on FB and it really caught my eye. The Motion Boom has always been one of my favorite products!
This looks very interesting! :+1:

I think it has some good features. 80 w is pretty good boom. Water proof is great. I think the adding of the strap was a smart move.


I’m very excited for the Boom Plus. The Boom is the most analytical speaker I have ever tested and my absolute favorite speaker (in TWS mode, of course). Whether the Plus can trump that, I dare to doubt it, because even the Motion Plus with its dedicated tweeters is inferior to the Boom. They clip/distort with the same EQ settings (treble at maximum at 1. the Phone, .2 the Soundcore App and the 3. Music App). Tweeters are therefore no guarantee for clean high-frequency reproduction. If the Boom Plus can do this better, I’ll be the happiest Soundcore customer.

Good question about PartyCast compatability with previous version.

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There were always huge troubles to connect old an new versions of speakers.
But hope this will work with such partycast speakers.
Eg. old flare mini and new flare mini will NOT pair via TWS.
But this is published nowhere and this is not customer friendly :zipper_mouth_face:

wow these are great news, looking forward to the big brother of the boom.
Definetly will test it.

Can you get 2 of these in TWS mode? I don’t know anything about “PartyCast 2.0” it would be so cool to connect a pair of these new ones AND the old ones in TWS mode simultaneously.

Now this is what i’ve been waiting for! I bought the early bird coupon and you can bet i’ll be buying the speaker itself as soon as it’s available.

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That makes 2 of us lol!!! Wonder if it will go tws with 2 of them or just do partycast which is not true stereo?!?

Im excited for this but sad at the sametime since its not available in my country Philippines when it comes to the reserve and discount as well :pensive:

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If it’s the version of Partycast II I invented last year then no you won’t be able to connect Partycast II with TWS, but you can connect Partycast II with the original Partycast.

Assuming they copied my ideas correctly.

We’ll see.

Partycast II I invented last year,

Oho, you are now a designer and developer for soundcore, I didnt know that. :smile:

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