Introducing the All-New Motion Boom Plus!

Looks awesome, too bad you only give early bird discounts to a handfull of countries.
Why not make the offer worldwide?

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So no true stereo? Just party casting?

Usually speakers that support party casting don’t support true stereo. I prefer true stereo persoanlly although at this volume a pair might not be practical anyway when indoors.

Generally companies list battery in life at 50 percent volume so probably. But I am speculating.

It’s hard to say. Not clear enough what is Oartycast 2.0

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Partycast 2.0 is an invention of @The_Professor.
He stated this in a comment above.

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Lets call out partycast 3 specs so we can get recognized for that before @The_Professor gets to say he invented that too… :wink: :blush:


I imported the Motion Boom into South Africa which cost me a fortune in customs duties…bought my Liberty Air 2 Pros locally…but won’t be able to afford the import charges on this new beast, much as I would love to…the mighty dollar is just way too strong. Please consider direct agency into my country :pray:t3: :cry:

Hey I’m not exaggerating:

So I’d have to see in detail which parts of my version they implemented, if they did it all then there’s no need for Partycast III, but otherwise the parts omitted I’d add to next version.

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I know you did. I remember some of your comments from those discussion. I was just try to play around with you on it.

Very insightful

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No love for Australia on the exclusive deals? We always get left in the dust.

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On Amazon USA now. $180.

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Hope there will be deal in nearest future for Australia as well.

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May 30 7:30 in the morning in EU.
Eagerly waiting for the early bird code.
Guess we have to wait for the US to wake up. :radio::blush:

Find the early bird action poorly implemented. I’ve been waiting for the discount code since midnight (Germany) and I don’t know when he’s coming.

I would have found it better if, in addition to the discount, the delivery by pre-ordering on 30.05. would have come.

So you get the box in 2-3 days, provided the codes come today.

So I’m still waiting longingly for my two codes and hope they come quickly

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Same here, speaker is already for sale.
But no pre order code yet.

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You all should be patient, it will work.
All takes time.

Because we should talk about the term: early bird discount .

“You should all be patient, it will work.
Everything takes time.”


Oh yea i get it, early birds get a discount for being patient. It’s a christmas present.

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Yeah… be patient, until its sold out.
That’s the point of pre-ordering :rage:

They had our mails and phone numbers since 3 full weeks and did not come up with the idea rolling the vouchers out a day before?!

Amazon promised delivery within 1 day (31.05.), if you placed the order until 20:00 CET.
Now it jumped the 01.06. and earliest delivery date is 02.06.

Currently only 10 items in stock on Amazon . de

EDIT: code is there, item not (sold out)

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