Introducing The All-New Sport X10

We can finally unveil the newest addition to our fitness range, Sport X10!

They’re basically the perfect workout buddy, so without futher ado, let’s check out their awesome features:

:ear: Innovative Design and Fit

An ergonomic, rotating ear hook made from soft silicone material gives you a secure and comfortable fit. You can adjust the wearing angle to nestle them comfortably in position so they won’t fall out, even during the most hardcore workouts. Another bonus, they’re super lightweight with each earbud weighing just 4.4g.

The case is also small, lightweight, and slim enough to carry in your pocket, so once you’re done working out you can easily store and recharge the buds.

:loud_sound: Bold Sound Profile

Space X10 are equipped with 10mm dynamic drivers with our signature BassUp technology to give you a strong, bass-forward sound profile. Whether you need extra motivation or want to adjust the sound to your musical preferences, head over to the Soundcore app to turn on BassUp mode, choose from 22 EQ presents, or customize your own.

:sweat_drops:Water and Sweat Defense

Sport X10 are IPX7 waterproof and for extra protection, they feature Soundcore’s own SweatGuard technology which adds another layer of defense against sweaty workouts and runs in the rain.

:battery: All-Day Battery Life

8 hours of battery life from a single charge is enough to get regular gym-goers through a week of workouts, while the charging case extends the playtime to 32 hours in total.

“But what if I get to the gym and realize they’re out of power?”

Easy! Just put Sport X10 in the charging case for 10 minutes and you’ll get up to 2 hours of playtime. :muscle:

:hammer_and_wrench:Additional Features

Sport X10 true wireless earbuds have 6 microphones as well as a wind noise reduction feature that can be accessed via the Soundcore app to reduce background noise and ensure you’re heard clearly by the other end.

They also feature hybrid noise cancellation and transparency mode so you can control how much of the outside world to let in while you exercise.

Bluetooth 5.2 provides an instant and stable connection with your mobile device, and the Soundcore app adds a number of powerful features, including a new breathing exercise guide to help users focus on their breathing before or after a workout.

How Do I Get My Hands On a Pair?

Sport X10 is out now in Black and Oat White colors. We will also have a red version coming later this summer. They retail at $79 in the US, £89 in the UK, 99€ in Germany and Europe, and CA $119 in Canada on,, and through other retail partners.

Are There Any Other Surprises? :thinking:

Yes, we’ve also we’ve partnered with our friends at Fiit - The #1 Rated Fitness App to get you a 30-day free trial on their app with every purchase. This offer ends on July 5th so don’t miss out!

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There’s a Special Discount code for a limited time only (until 28th June) so order yours quick with:

Are you excited for Sport X10? Let us know in the comments below. :point_down:


Thanks for posting this. I’m going to have to look into them.

The design with that hook is interesting.
But it needs to be tested.

Only a nice design is not enough.
The functionality is much more important.


Nice design but would like to check out the earbud case as it will be interesting to see how they sit in the case.

My hands-on long term review here

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Ask me anything I’ll try to do photos for you…

It’s typical of Soundcore, magnetic, strong enough to keep in case, don’t fall out under normal use, the case stays closed until you press the front button.

The look very shiny, and @The_Professor already has a strong review up.

Maybe you are planning to set them up as the monthly giveaway? Not that I am competing in that.

But definitely the first announced product that has gotten me excited in a while. I need something more secure than just sitting in my ear directly.

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But they need to revisit the wired around neck design. They are still the most secure way of not losing anything, not so much trying to stop things falling out just if they do fall out they fall a few inches and can’t get lost.


These look fantastic, and by what @The_Professor was saying in his review, I’m pretty sure that these will sound great too. I love the look too.

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Just wrapped up my spirit reviews and said I’d take a break…maybe I should come out of early retirement?

They look really nice wonder how they stand up to the spirit dot 2 and x2 that I have as well as the life A1that I use for working out sometimes. I hope they come in a blue eventually like the life p3 did that also had the oat color

Wired around the neck works for many purposes, but specifically is a challenge for jogging. Tends to bounce on my neck, even if it is just a thin cable.

The ear loop is almost essential for me. The liberty Air 2 Pros fit the best of any in ear headphones I have ever tried - but they still come out very fast if I am using my jaw too much (particularly chewing).

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For jogging, these Sports X10 would be a good match, assuming you’re in a place where you don’t have issues with others passing by.

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Do you think about technical faults or thieves? :laughing:

I have enough points for an $80 coupon, might very well end up using that to get a pair.


Looks great. According to reviews sound is good as well. Nice earbuds.

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Good use of coupon remember you cants stack codes so you have to pay full price.

No I mean as a cyclist having a jogger suddenly turn in front of you despite you shouting is a bit of a problem, they always have something in their ears. Joggers need plenty of space.

For jogging I would definitely use the transparency mode. And yes, aware of the lack of stacking, that is why I said $80.

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