iOS Soundcore app - post all bugs on Q30

While I really appreciate this app with nice UI it unfortunately seems to be riddled with bugs. See below my review using the app for Life Q30 headphones on iOS (I submitted these bugs to Anker as well, hoping they will respond).

Ambient Sound Modes:

ANC -> Transparency -> ANC
If I am in ANC (Indoor) mode and switch to Transparency by covering the right ear cup, and then switch from Transparency back to ANC (by covering my right ear cup again), headphones will switch to ANC, but this time the app will show ANC (Outdoor!) instead of Indoor. Why? Furthermore, under this condition, when I switch from Outdoor to Indoor inside the app, there is no audible change whatsoever between the two ANC modes. Only when I switch back again from Indoor to Outdoor: then I can hear a low frequency noise for a brief fraction of a second, which indicates that I’ve actually switched between Outdoor to Indoor.

Furthermore, if I am in ANC (Indoor) mode and I quit the Soundcore app and restart it, the app will open in ANC (OUTDOOR) mode by default, not Indoor as before I quit the app. And just in general, whenever I reconnect to Q30’s via the app it will always default in Outdoor mode.

Widget: it’s buggy. When I select Indoor in the widget and then open the Soundcore app, it will be selected as Outdoor in the app even though I selected Indoor in the widget. Similarly if I select Indoor in the app, it will appear as Outdoor in the widget! In short, if you select Indoor or Outdoor inside the app it will always be the opposite in the widget, and vice versa!

Another complaint is about Custom EQ profiles: if I have my own custom eq selected, when I quit and reopen the app or when I turn off and turn on the headphone to connect to the app , the app often generates a new Custom EQ profile with its OWN adjustments, often lowering some or all the bands by -1dB as compred with my custom eq. It’s really annoying that this happens, can you explain why?

Finally, something I wish they could implement: as Normal mode is slightly more bass heavy than the ANC mode, i wish they’d allow a different custom eq profile for each mode (i.e. one profile for Normal and one profile for ANC), and that the app would remember those profiles for each mode…

Are you also seeing these bugs?


We did hear about the EQ setting getting changed but nothing else. Also the EQ bug wasn’t common for whatever reason. If you sent customer support an email about this, they should see it and relay the message to correct team. A lot of this looks like an update problem on the back-end so shouldn’t be too tough to fix

Are you an Anker representative?

Weird that you wouldn’t have heard of any other issues. See also this thread: Q30 - switching between normal and noise canceling modes issues

I stand with this. These issues are not unique at all, I’ve met them several times over the internet (including this forum, reddit etc.) before ordering my headphones. My brand new ones came, and they still have issues. These seem to be easy to reproduce software bugs, I don’t know how QA could look over these.

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I’m not. I’m a regular user here like a lot of others. I read about some issues but because I don’t own Q30, I decided not to stay in touch with that thread. Considering @richard.hriech said these issues have come up quite a bit, reaching out to would be the best option. If they see same issues recurring, they will work on a fix faster

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I have the same “indoor” “outdoor” problem ans also after restart headphone a new customer is selected.

Well, this is what the support sent me back:

I hope this will lead to something.

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Thanks for posting that. They also replied to me that a new firmware update is supposedly coming by the end of this month, so I’m hoping these issues will be resolved!

Another annoyance I reported was the loud voice that announces different modes (e.g. Noise Cancelling, Transparenc, Normal…) - they should really lower the volume of that voice, as it’s quite startling esp. if you are listening to something quiet!

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Hmmm I reallly appreciate the run down of all the bugs you have found. I hope Soundcore comes out with an update soon

Ok, well just to report that today’s update (2.6.1) didn’t fix any of the above bugs…

I also have a email with the update for the app at the end of the month.

You should email them if you haven’t already. Keep in mind Chinese New Year is coming up so they won’t reply for a couple days. As for the loud voice for announcement, I feel you on that as well. Older headphones and earbuds didn’t have this announcement problem because they would play a tone at your volume level instead of shouting “Battery Low” in the middle of your video or song

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I did email them - I hope you did, too. The more of us report this the better.

They said it’s going to be a firmware update for the headphones, namely version 2.0. I also thought the the iOS app is buggy but it very well might be fw related. That’s why settings won’t stick or they keep changing by their own.

Possibly firmware-related, yeah. Hopefully 2.0 is coming out soon enough. :slight_smile:
But since Chinese New Year is around the corner I wouldn’t expect it for another 2 weeks at least…

Well, we’re at the end of the month, and still no 2.0 fw yet :confused:

Yeah… I’m also eagerly awaiting 2.0 but I guess we’ll need to wait a bit more. Hopefully next week??

Yeah, when are we gonna get 2.0?

Hmmmm 1 of march and no update :confounded:

I got the information from support that the update is happening within 2-3 weeks.