iPhone 11 / iOS 13 Bluetooth Issues

I received a replacement pair of Soundcore Spirit X headphones today and can’t get them to pair with my iPhone 11Pro. I read there were issues with iOS 13 so I updated to iOS13.1.2 and still can’t get the headphones to pair. They do pair fine with an iPhone 8 running iOS12.

Does anyone know of a fix to this or a way around what appears to be an iOS bug?

As I said on anker, contact the support team. They are taking care of this issue.

Thanks. I wanted to create this thread here in case there are others like me that may not have seen the post on the Anker site. I’ll update this thread when I hear back from support.

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There is one other thread here on Soundcore mentioning the issue,

@poppo.wang so do you think the issue here for iPhone 11 on iOS 13 with Spirit X is related to the hardware chip?

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Support wrote back and told me that they can send me an older version of the Soundcore Spirit X or I can wait for the new hardware to be ready in 4 weeks. This seems like a crazy issue to me that new hardware has to be shipped out and that Anker is 4 weeks out from selling this style headphone that works with the new iPhone.

I think Apple took everyone by surprise with this new BT requirement.

Very glad that anker is taking initiative to make everything right, even though it’s not their fault.

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