iPhone 11 issues with Soundbud Slim pairing?

Is anyone else having trouble pairing their soundbud slim to the new iPhone? I have the Slim and the Slim+ and both of them show up on the bluetooth options but they never pair. I just get the wheel scrolling until i exit the program.

Pretty sure this is an issue on apple’s part, not soundcores. This is an extremely common problem on the new iPhones.

Contact Apple support. It should be fixed very soon in a software update

This is an ongoing issue with ios13, gonna have to wait for an update from apple

It’s not iOS 13 (I don’t think so anyway), it’s an issue with the new phones.

Which all the new phones are on

Well yeah, but mine has been on iOS 13 and has no problem… it’s just the new phones

I just messaged this on Anker …

What is the exact iOS version on your iPhone 11.

Is it IOS 13.0 OR 13.1? There were some Bluetooth issues on one of IOS 13.0 beta versions and are fixed on 13.1. I saw these issues mostly with Roav and Soundcore Nano

IOS 13.1 is stated to release on September 30, unless you are brave to install the beta which is available. This may resolve it in iPhone 11 hardware.

The betas are pretty stable, so not much risk for those who want to try…I do recommend taking a back up though as a fall back (especially if it’s your primary phone)

iOS 13 beta is super stable. No worries about it