iPhone SE vs. iPhone 8 and iPhone 11

I saw these 2 articles the other day comparing SE to 8 and 11 where they basically show how much of a difference just the A13 chip along can make. It is no surprise that A13 bionic is the best phone chip out there overall but I was honestly shocked to see how much better the SE is over the 8 and how close it is to 11. At first I didn’t see why someone would buy the SE if they can spend a bit more for the new design of XR or 11 and I stand corrected. Hope you guys enjoy the articles!

Nice! Personally not an iPhone user and there are so many different iPhones it’s getting hard to keep track

Lol yea I feel the same way. I’m on my second iPhone and smartphone in general but when I read that I was like A13 sounds older than it is :joy:

Also ever since their whole thing with the batteries dying to get people to buy new ones I haven’t been much of a fan nor have I seen a reason to switch. I’m on my second phone in general as well. Would never have even switched if my carrier wasn’t having issues with my phone when they upgraded stuff

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Oh yea remember that lol. I do feel that their new updates slowly slows phones down. Maybe the updates are too much for older chips, maybe not and just something to get customer to buy new phones. That being said, I know my phone will last through iOS 14 whenever that comes out but I’m sticking to 12 so there’s no additional stress on my phone lol

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