Is ANC a realistic expectation for an affordable truly wireless earbud?

PREtty simple - can we ever expect a truly wireless earbud with ANC below $100? Any insight appreciated. It’s kind of the thing I am waiting for!

I would think so. I don’t see any reason not. There is one upcoming model of true wireless earbuds from soundcore, that has 4 microphones. That could be used for ANC…

Don’t see why not. ANC is just white noise, a very quiet hiss.

It works by the hiss blocking the external sounds, but not loud enough to block earphone sound.

Those of us who live 24/7 with tinitus know the hiss. It’s permanent and louder when it’s quiet. The range of sounds from tinitus can be quite alarming… Even an alarm!

That’s not 100% accurate on how ANC works (in general). a basic principal on ANC. It plays a low volume sound, usually a white noise or “anti noise” to block out the surrounding sound.

Some use, internal or external mics, and very expensive ones use both mics, to listen to the type n frequency of sound, and play a sound that’s negative to the incoming sound…so if the noise coming in is high pitched, ANC will play a.low frequency sound etc etc.

Some call this sort of sound, white noise. As often the worse type of sound is low droning sound, and the ANC will play a higher pitched sound to counter it.

Fighter pilots have been using it for years to counter the jet sound and listen to the controller n each other, without the jet causing an interference.

You were basically correct up until here. It’s not white noise, it’s something completely different. Headsets that use white noise are just cheap headsets

Life series use white noise amongst others.

I wouldn’t say fighter pilot headphones were cheap, and they use white noise.

:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:. It’s not white noise. It’s a noise played to cancel out the other noise being played. Let’s explain this in binary (sort of). So let’s say there are just two wave lengths. Represented by 0 and 1

So if the outside noise is…


Then the counter noise is…


It exactly cancels it out.

White noise is just…


White noise and white noise are different!

Sometimes, white noise is used (as in this case) to call a noise used in ANC sound suppression, not always just the high pitched hissing sound, like a badly tuned radio.

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Definition of white noise

  • Acoustical or electrical noise of which the intensity is the same at all frequencies within a given band over time.

Which is different (completely) then ANC

So you think I should trust Wikipedia- a site that can be written by anyone (and for all I know you) -over an actual dictionary? Dictionary’s are far more accurate, and are proof read by tons of people. But whatever.

I was just showing you, white noise isn’t just about a hiss, but you (as usual) wouldn’t accept that

Do you know what Wikipedia is? It’s like letting the Mayo Clinic diagnose you with cancer

I have stuff to do. Have fun!

I know exactly what wiki is… I was using it before it became a jokers page back when it first started.

I too back in the 90s would get bored n occasionally as a random “fact” about something to see if anyone would notice.

:laughing: that’s hilarious.

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