Is Convenience Killing Great Sound?

Mostly for cutting music files. The most common things I do are removing everything but the audio from official versions of songs and censoring. I know a few people with kids that don’t want them to hear the cursing in some songs as well as a few of mine so I just remove it.

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Have you ever used Audacity?

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I misunderstood your question at first. I have not used audacity, I just use a simple app for what I do, I will look into it though.

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Try this!
It’s a phantatsic program and its free. :wink:
You can do so many things with it.


That sounds great, the one I have isn’t very good but since I was able to make it work I didn’t bother looking for anything else.

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I use Goldwave to cut/trim audio files … Works great!

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The problem is always, a program should work with ever OS.
This works with LINUX so its great for me.
And it is very “mighty”.
Quite professional utilities and free, I mentioned.
(eg. cutting frequencies)

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Convenience has lessened the quality, but also improved quality!

Let’s out it this way, record players were always MONO, and so sensitive to external vibrations, good players weren’t portable and used diamonds to play the sound.

Now we have full blown stereo and occasionally surround sound, hi-def sound. Although technically mp3s are less quality, let’s take a look… No more room filled with mono sound, crackling, and whatever noise was around us. Now we isolate the sound, and have direct into our ears, so all the disadvantages of the old way is no more.

I remember as a kid playing records and shouting at people to walk slowly as they went past, or the record would skip (at best) or scratch (at worst). You only heard half the sound being played, was mono, and the rest of the sound was trash noise!

As for the jack, it’s only a handful of small companies n iPhone that have killed it, the rest still use it.

As for wired headsets, so many were poor quality, even the “expensive” ones. speakers needed certain things as basic to get a good sound. Most.of.thr time it wasn’t about money, as there were things you could do to adapt your speakers to creat a nice sound…

Edison might have one of a handful recording n playing music (sound) in the 1870s/80s. Some had worked out how to record but not play back. I’ve heard one of these parlaphones, and what a poor quality sound it was too. More hiss than recorded sound.

I’ve always said, download the highest MP3 you can, get good/great headphones (earbuds) and you’ll be enjoying your music for not too much money.

Harking back is typical of those who didn’t experience it the first time, and not aware of how bad it actually was.

With the new technology, every company is working towards making a product that is more convenient to the end user yet not compromising the quality.

The best ability is availability, right? Phone cameras are good enough now, and always handy. Same with speakers these days - there is something to be said for having something good enough available when you want it.

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Ja, I fully agree.
I am always delighted how good those tiny speakers sound.
Today I took a FLARE to my language lessons
This little speaker was strong enough to fill a quite huge room with sound.