Is it almost time for an exchange

I know from time to time we talk about the exchange notes. I know a while back there was folks wanting to have different products on there. I think that time is coming near for a product exchange (or maybe a note cost change for current items)

Here is my reasons.

  1. Both items are listed for 250 notes. These notes converted into dollars are 50 dollars. It follows other notes conversions such as 300 notes is 60 dollars.
  2. The cost of notes for a Flair mini is an over cost at this point. The mini is going for 40 dollars on Soundcore website. If converted, it would be 200 notes. So if you get the Mini link you are paying an extra 50 notes than needed.
  3. The cost for the Neo are still going for 50 dollars on the Soundcore website but elsewhere (like Amazon) it is going for 40 or even 30 if on sale. I would be less likely get it on the exchange than to go get them from elsewhere.

Since I am on the exchange topic, I am going to bring up my Soundcore clothing wishlist item that needs to be considered for the future. I always think there should be hats on the exchange. So I did a quick visual for your consideration below.


Yeah, the exchange system really needs a refresh. I don’t see it coming anytime soon though…

Nice design for the hat though.

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what should the flare mini change for they don’t have much options on the website?

It was good at the time but I agree with you as well. So technically they would need to just redo the points for the Flare as the prices are based on the website.

It could be anything on the website as you are getting the product vs coupon for available item on site. . I think they did those as those were somewhat attainable after so many level ups and a few referrals… They could use any of them. A P2 is 60 dollars so it’s notes cost would be 300.

Overall, I would not know what their thoughts would be. I would assume they would maybe pick items that have been around and maybe items that are nearing the end of their product life cycle.

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I would also like to see more products on there in general - a rotation of the mix works too, but more options seems like a better choice.

Both the neo and the mini are not from their latest and greatest product generation, and it seems like it would be valuable to highlight the new products as goals instead of previous generation items that are often discounted and on sale anyway.

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Seeing always the same products for the same “price” is boring.
Many things are not available for us here over the pond, but I dont mind.
Could be changed every month.


Would be nice to see some new items on there (Liberty earbuds, Flare 2 etc)…not to mention a re-jig of the notes overall so they are more for less rather than less for more…$10 for 30 notes vs $60 for 300 notes for example :confused:

I believe I said this in the past, I was ok with the 5 and 10 being cheaper. I think that was done on purpose. 10 dollars is the best value on there. To correct it to be in line the other notes the 5 would need to be 25 notes and 10 changed to 50 notes.

Soundcore hat would be nice! The Soundcore Collective is overdue for a refresh, and as I’ve hinted previously, as soon as we have our new team member onboarded this will be top priority :slight_smile:


May be a Soundcore Hat Design Contest one of these weeks :wink:

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I thought of that too and kept myself from stating it here as well


Oh yes would be very funny to create hats (caps, bonnets)

This is one, but not the one I will take part in that competition! :joy:


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I would wear it. :slight_smile:

That would be better than a regular hat in fact. Maybe we could even get a Flare 2 in there somehow… Definitely needs USB-C charging.


Nice, walking music hat :ok_hand:

nice hat, if you had two would that play in stereo? lol

You may donate one to your created “twin”! :rofl:

Or create more clones for party cast.
Would be a nice photo for a competition.

I wonder if I had a fishing party and used Flare 2 if I can call it a PartyCast. lolol