Is it me or something is wrong with my Motion Boom?

Is it me or there are others who experience the inconsistency of the Motion Boom on low volumes. My unit here is experiencing some kind of dynamic limiter trying to control the bass.

when I play at low volumes the Dynamic limiter ruins listening experience when it sounds thin and the bass just randomly kicks in which really annoys me a lot. I’ve made a reset, unpair/pair again, some eq or some provided eq by anker but it doesn’t help with my situation right now. no matter what genre I play, its there. I understand that the Dynamic Limiters happen at higher volumes to max volume but its unacceptable for it happen at volumes below 50%

Is my unit broken? Please help.

Thank You!

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That doesn’t sound right at all. It’s sounds like some type of short/defect. I have 2 Motion Booms and haven’t run into what you’re describing, but I’m usually at around 50-75%. With that being said DSP theoretically should only limit base at high volumes - 80% and over (if that).
Edit The bass shouldn’t be kicking in and out.

You didn’t mention if you tried this. I would hook it up to another device (phone, PC, Laptop, Tablet, etc) to see if the problem happens across multiple devices or is only happening with one device. If it happens over multiple devices, it’s the speaker. If it only happens with one device, it’s either that device or the connection between the two (speaker and whatever it’s connected to).

Now it it’s happening with multiple devices, I’d suggest you contact Customer Support.

I hope that helps!

Edit I started with 1 Boom, liked it so much, I bought a second one. Nothing like what your describing has happened to either one of mine. I really like my Motion Booms (use them every day) and I’m pretty picky when it comes to sound. Here’s a link to my review if you’re curious.

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I have only had my boom for a while but have not experienced this as of yet. You’ve don’t most of the usual thoughts of resetting pairing and unpairing. When you pair and unpair I would make sure you’re having it completely forget the device before pairing back. I would also make sure the device is fully charged to see if maybe it’s some issue with a low battery. I would also try what Steve said about trying another device and I would also send support and email and tell them everything you have already tried so that they can understand better where the issue is and what has been tried already

You are one of the few who have noticed this. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice it either when I was listening to my Boost. Yes, Boost is also concerned. Perhaps even more than Boom.
What’s most annoying is that support looks at me like a complete idiot and explains that it’s fine, or that the reason I hear my Motion Plus as different is because it’s a different type of speaker. The latter does not have this problem.
I think this should be written to support by as many Boost and Boom owners as possible. Maybe even Soundcore 3 is affected …
Oh, and I almost forgot! One (if not the only) serious tester has noticed this bug and made a video about it