Is it normal for Q35 to have buzz sound?

I’ve been using my new Q35 for about a week. Since I first connected it, I heard the buzzzz sound in my left ear with or without music. It doesn’t matter which mode is on, the buzz is still there. I’ve read somewhere to wait for a few days then the buzz would disappear. But I wonder is it normal or should I ask for a replacement? Everything is going well with this headphones except for that buzz thingy.

Have you updated the device? There could have been a fix for them if there was a buzz.

I would say lose BT to device to phone, restart both, reconnect and see if it still there (do update first if not done).

Here is the part, I can not say if the buzz is or is not an issue. The headset is using the mics to cancel out the noise and it could be the noise that you are hearing. If it is something you have to concentrate on, they may be acting normally but if is loud enough to where you are hearing it buzz under normal listening conditions then I would contact support

It could be just how your ears work. I think I can make my ear drums vibrate and know of another who can make the sound go away for a short time.

If you are concentrating to listen for it then it is probably just a normal thing but would say give yourself enough time to see if the few days give the device time to see if it does quit it and decide from there…

Wired? It’s normal wired when what you’re attached to is non-earthed with non-shielded aux cable.

Wireless buzzing is usually a hardware fault but if you’re loosely touching a non-earthed item you can get a buzz. Example of what can cause a buzz is you’re in bed with tablet on lap and tablet is connected to power.

Hi, thank you for your response! I have just checked and the app said I’m up to date with my set. Also, I let my friend tried this and she still heard it so I guess I would trying resetting both. Thank you!

Hi, thanks for replying! It’s just always there even if I’m walking outdoor so I don’t think it is because of the earth thingy.

In that case it’s a hardware fault. Replace under warranty.