Is it possible to connect an external mic in q35 model when I am using it wirelessly

Is it possible to connect an external mic in q35 model when I am using it wirelessly. If this headset support an external mic in wireless mode then it will be great :+1:

I don’t think so.

Also why? The built-in mic is used wirelessly and the in-line mic is used when wired.

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At this time an external mic is not possible at this time.

The Strike series does have a detachable mic. A few us have had those and the sliders seemed weaker and has broken on at least two of us here. If you have a small head and will not move the slider part of the headset much, it may be a decent option.

Hi, @ajithvs87 I’m afraid you couldn’t connect an external mic in the Q35 model when you’re using it wirelessly. I will also record and feedback on your idea to the product team and keep improving.

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In a noisy environment if it is possible to place a mic towards the mouth then it will be great. Mainly faced some issues during Microsoft teams official calls and didn’t work this couple of times… the other user was not able to hear me properly.

Big thanks for considering this in future.

This will be a super cool feature like some Jabra headsets has. This will definitely improve the voice quality when use this headset for Microsoft Teams official calls.

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I was going to add I don’t believe that’s possible but I see @May.liu already answered you. :+1:

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I’d make it a suggestion for future products. For products in twinkle of the engineer’s eye they certainly can do this easily at zero cost.

I doubt they can retrofit to Q35, they’d have to do a firmware update where the plugging in of a cable did not disable wireless. I doubt that is probably do-able.

It may not be possible with a firmware update in Q35 if the hardware doesn’t support it.
Definitely a future improvement in the upcoming models.

Other than this Q35 is superb and has no other drawbacks and is a premium one.

Thank you.

Why I think it cannot be done is one of their replies on similar topic was that the physical plugging in a cable makes the bluetooth chip turn off to stop interference via the wire acting as an antenna.

But even if it were physically possible, so I am wrong, I don’t think they will anyway as their focus is on the next products.

Try to gather like-minded to agree and vote up your request so it gets into future products. Even then I don’t think it will happen as if you look at all the chatter here this ask is rarely asked.

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It’s my pleasure. Your reaching out helps us know what our customers are looking for, which in turn allows us to improve our products and services. We promise to keep improving, and we’re so grateful for your support!


In addition to this on wireless mode is there any way i can mute the mic from the headset itself. Mainly that supports Microsoft teams calls. I searched everywhere but didn’t find a solution.


No mic control button.

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I would say you could also sent an email to Anker as they are probably the main company for the anker works group (do nt think they have a community as well :smile:) They all seem good to give info to their techs.

Although for me I think Soundcore headsets can be used for business meetings but may be more limited to the functionality that is wanted. Calls and music vs business and NC. I could see a hybrid of the Strike type headset with a detachable mic.


We regret that our Soundcore Q35 does not support mute/unmute mic now. We have to mute/unmute the mic on the connected devices now. If you need any help in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us - we’re always here for you.

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