Is it possible to have a speaker that does not distort sound when wet?

So, owners of the Icon and Flare series probably know that the sound gets distorted when the speakers are wet. As far as I can tell, this is because water gets trapped in the fabric covering of the speaker. This makes for some cool effects when water is being blasted out of the fabric on bass-heavy tracks, but when I’m paddling I want those speakers to continue to sound good even when they get wet. I find myself picking them up and knocking out the water on my arms so the sound isn’t so scratchy.

So my question is: Is it just the fabric covering that creates this distortion? If so, could there be a speaker made without the fabric covering that is still waterproof? I guess I should ask owners of the Motion +, which is waterproof but without the fabric - does this take care of the sound distortion when wet?

The motion + (IPX7) has a metal cover, kind of grid.
But I am a real coward and will not drown it to test.


All of my speakers meet water eventually so I test them to their full extents, and I have to say that all of the Soundcore products I have tested can do more than what their ratings say they can, the rating is just what they guarantee.


I am hydrophobic! :rofl:


Oh yeah I’ve done lots of submersion testing and the speakers continue working. But with the flare series and the icon series the wet fabric distorts the sound while it’s wet (its fine when it dries) .

I don’t know if you have tried it, but when my flares get wet I hold them in the middle shake them. The water comes right out and they sound normal in a matter of seconds.

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Would be the perfect music!

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Indeed it would😂

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I have. The icons get better too. My problem is that i dont want to do that all day while i am pddleboarding. It hets real old having to shake out the speaker every time i go through a bit of rough water.

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Now I understand your problem, I would get the motion+, with the type of grill it has as soon as it gets wet it will play normally again and you won’t have to deal with the water problem anymore.

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Take such a “tool” with you


Will help not only shaking the speaker.

"shaken, not stirred"


It is indeed the fabric covering that muffles the sound when wet. When I tested the flare, motion Q and the Mini 2 it was the mini 2 that won the distortion test as there was nothing hindering the sound like the flare and motion Q. This is the reason why my 2 Mini 2’s are in wet locations, 1 I have in the shower and the other is by the kitchen sink.


I have been wanting anker to make a real water speaker. One that floats on top, and can get fully wet.

Isn’t that the icon?

Well, yes, but the sound gets really distorted when wet. It doens’t hurt the product, but the icon does not sound good when floating. @techman wants a speaker that will float around with him in the pool and still sound good.

Buy a boat! lol

The mini 2 floats and can project sound down into the water depending how you orient it. I know it’s not meant to be a floating speaker but it does work

Completely agree … Do this all the time at the pool :slight_smile:

I’ve had my flare get wet plenty of times and I usually just hold on and give it a quick shake to try to get the excess water out and that usually does the trick.

Nah, I want the speakers going up. With a “raft” on the bottom.