Is Mono Mode really mono?

Hi everyone, new Life P3 user here, I’m also a longtime music and audio lover, like since the 70’s. I have already sent an email into, but I thought I would ask the community for their take on this issue. I am loving these new earbuds, but I do have a question about the Mono Mode that is spoken of in the manual. When I saw the term Mono Mode and the explanation of it, I was like this is awesome! But upon use, I have discovered that is not that great. As far as the earbuds being used separately, yes that is possible, but that one earbud is not in mono, as in mixed down from the both the left and right channels. So a lot of the musical information is missing, unless you are listening to ragtime tunes from the 1920’s or early Beatles in mono from the 1960’s. Now I can force my Android phone to output in mono and that fixes this issue, but not for my DAP, which has no such feature. If I play a hard panned tune like Iron Butterfly’s ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’, it’s like half of the band is missing. Did the Soundcore folks flatout name this mode wrong, as in not knowing what mono really was or did I miss a setting? Love the buds other than this, any thoughts?

I can Imagine old Bushy’s (RIP 29.08.2021) drum solo, need to be listened in stereo. :smile:
I was looking if this is possible with LINUX as well.
It is ofc course but ist a little bit tricky.

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Yeah, the drum solo would be really weird, if only one side was playing. I was thinking more of the beginning of the tune, when the organ is all on one side and the guitar is all on the other. I used the beginning part of the song to test this mono/non-mono thing. That section sounds very odd, when the left or right channel is gone. Why would they name this mode mono in the first place? Weird. :laughing:

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I know this song very well.
When I was in high school I was the drummer of a band and we were playing it.:smiley:

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Hope the issue will be solved by update

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Me too, otherwise I love these earbuds.

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I would put them in Mono Mode and play this. Theoretically the same should be played by both Buds. It’s not an issue for me because I always use my gear in stereo,

That is the point of my of my post. If you just use one bud (Mono Mode), what you get is either the left or right channel and not mono. This video just verifies that issue, just as a hard panned early stereo recording will. Calling it Mono Mode is not true, calling it One Channel Mode would be. I also normally listen in stereo, but sometimes I need to hear my surroundings better and can quickly pause the playback with the one bud. But thanks for the answer. Did you actually listen to this with only earbud in?

I did not for 2 reasons:

  1. I don’t have the P3’s. I do however have quite a few including the LA2P, L3P, L2P+, and L2P.
  2. I don’t use mine with just one Bud. Not saying there is anything wrong with doing that, I just don’t do it. If I need to hear, I take them out or take my Headphones off.

I know how the stereo output can be changed to mono using LINUX.

May be there is a workaround for WIn as well.

@Steve976 Sounds reasonable, sir. Before these P3’s, I only listened to wired IEMs, so the mono output was only available with my Android phone for a one ear experience. With my DAP, there is no option for mono output. But I saw the advertising literature for the P3’s, I was like “oh yes” there is a Mono Mode. But unfortunately, their idea of Mono differs from the rest of the audio world. Thanks again.

@Chiquinho That is some good info and I do use Linux, not Win or Mac. But like @Steve976, in the home environment, I only do stereo listening. So I’m mainly seeking a firmware update to fix the Mono Mode’s lack of being in actual mono. Thanks.

Your are right, this can be only solved by an update of the bud’s software
It can be done.
But i am not sure it will ever be done. :grin: