Is the pod and earbuds waterproof

Is charging pod waterproof

No current earbud charging cases are currently waterproof. You will need to more specific on the earbuds you are asking about. Some are and others are just sweat resistant

I was going to say the same thing Duane said. I don’t know of any cases that are waterproof. Also in the future, if you are more specific (like model you are inquiring about) you will get better responses.

To my knowledge the cases aren’t waterproof. Some might be if they have a cover for the charging port but even then I think it’s more a quick splash and rush to dry it type situation. A lot of the earbuds have some type of water protection but how much depends on the buds. If you specific which product you’re talking about we would gladly do our best here to help

Definitely no, the construction doesn’t allow such a feature.
May be water resistant.
But you can put the charging box in a waterproof covering box. :smile:

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Use an appropriate sized waterproof bag or pouch for the case. It is expensive to make something waterproof and the bigger it is the more expensive. A case with a hinge so moving parts even harder.

Buds are easier to make waterproof as smaller.