Is there a way to see what the EQ actually is

So I just ran a firmware update for my LA2’s and when I was done I started to mess with the EQ. There is the list of Professional EQ’s that were designed by the producers, but after you select it I am not seeing an option to see what it actually doing to the EQ.

Not sure if I am just missing it or if it isn’t something that actually shows, but it is kind of hard to determine what I am getting out of each one without seeing it and only relying on hearing a difference. Not really wanting to listen to the same song over and over to test each…

As far as I know it doesn’t show what it does.

It always has been hidden -eq settings are not revealed for those Professional EQ, they dont want us to know their magic sauce :wink:

Ah, so basically trial and error on what sounds good. Seems a little tiresome because each genre has a different one I would want to use. Oh well.

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I have yet to d/l the app… apart from the eq and updates, much else that would improve an already awesome L2Ps?

Shoudl I check it out on the App Store?

I normally just rock the Soundcore Signature EQ and that’s fine for me