Is there an app with Windows 10 similar to the smartphone app for Liberty 2 Pro?

The title says it all. I just got the L2P and like the “Piano” setting in the app on my smartphone, but I listen to music on my Windows 10 laptop as well and wish there were an app similar to the before mentioned app.

There is not a version of the soundcore app for Windows 10 currently. Who knows if soundcore has one planned for the future :man_shrugging:.

@Loz any knowledge of plans for this? can you help us answer the above question?

So if there is not an app for W-10, if I set the EQ setting to “Piano” while listening via my smartphone will the L2P continue to playback with the “piano” setting while listening to it on my W-10 laptop?

Yes. If you set the EQ setting through the app, it should stay on that setting until you change it.

Good to know, Thanks!

Very curious to know how many people would like this W10 app :slightly_smiling_face:

In fact, If you set your preferred EQ via Soundcore APP, this setting will be inside your buds no matter what device it connect with, until you change it again or perform a resetting it will back to default.

I think If you use PC to play music, there are many other solutions to tweak your sound effect.
Back to ages of Windows 98, Winamp was my must-have player because It comes with very powerful EQ settings. And there’re many plugins to add special sound effects like DFX, Dolby.

For W-10, not sure if there is still a compatible version of Winamp.:thinking: