Is there output delay on aux input? (Motion+)

Hello, I want to buy a Soundcore Motion+ for DJing and use it as output for my XDJ-RX2 controller. Since I would control music in real-time, the output needs to be instant (no delay whatsoever). If I connect the Motion+ via an aux cable, will there be a delay?

I do not have it but several probably do.

You can also try to contact the support line. I believe they have some better stats to tell you whether that would work or give other suggestions as well.

From the physical, technical “performance” there should be no.
But may be someone here can check this.
I cant do.

I agree with with previous messages. It shouldn’t be delay, but to make sure contact support

I contacted support already and I am waiting for a response. If someone here with a Motion+ could test it with aux input on a computer or other device and check if there is any delay, it would help a lot.

Also, even though technically there should be no delay on aux input, I saw many complaints about a noticeable delay on the Soundcore 2 connected via aux input to a DJ controller/computer. I wonder if the same would happen on a Motion+.

So you really have to ask the support.
And may be there is a skilled, sophisticated user here, who can proof that.
Though I am a computer engineer I have really no idea how to check it.
Do you have?
If so let us know, please.

I figured out some ways to test it. I think that the most reliable one would be like this:
He tests it splitting the audio to two different outputs and records them over Audacity.

There is another guy who did a similar thing, he played a fixed BPM song (e.g. EDM) to the Soundcore 2 (which has a delay on aux input) and another device (with no delay), then he recorded the output and uploaded it to SoundCloud, and you could clearly hear the songs clashing.

An easier, but not so reliable way to test would be with YouTube videos like this:

But this would be more biased, and it would be better to download the video and test outside YouTube because they may have an algorithm to compensate for the audio delay on their videos.

As for asking the support, I already did that and I am waiting for their response. Either way it would be nice to have an extra proof/confirmation of this, because if it doesn’t work like I expect, the speaker would be useless to me.

Alright, update on the situation, Anker answered my email and said that there should be a 40-50ms delay on the Motion+ output connected on an aux input. Normally this doesn’t affect much, but for my use it does. Going to look for another portable speaker then.

Are you sure to find a speaker without any delay?

From my researches, yes there are but most are not available where I live or are too expensive. There are some threads about this on the internet.

I was thinking a little bit about.

In the old days there was only analog without any delays.

I our days we use soft & hardware causing delays
(processing time : converting signals by algorithms)

A certain time is needed when converting the signals by the bt card of the source first
and then of the speaker receiving these.
And last not least converting that digital bt signal into analog ones for the membrane.
Its a long chain.
Even with a cable the processes are of course active.

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