Is this possible to change headphones frequency response via firmware update?

Because Liberty Air 2 really needs it. It is impossible to listen them on high volume.

Their lows (bass) are too overemphasized through the whole low and mid bass frequency ranges, which makes the sound muddy and heavy.

Their highs (treble) are not so good too, because of some peaks in mid treble, which makes listening to sharp female vocals somewhat painful in some cases.

I’m not a “loud sound maniac” but I think it is crucial to have a possibility of clear “lound listeting”, because we dont have ANC on Liberty Air 2. And their passive noice canceling is not perfect in a public transport.

Here’s some relevant FR measurements

Before you ask:

  • Yes, I’m using Soundcore APP custom EQ + Deezer EQ to lower some problematic frequencies. That’s the only way I can listen Air 2 at least with a medium volume. But some songs in my playlist are still kinda hard to listen.

  • No, I dont wanna use third party players because all my music located in the streaming services, or third party EQ’s cause they are not reliable.

  • Yes, my earbuds are working just fine.

  • I’m using Xiaomi Mi 9 SE.

  • Aptx codec is working fine.

So, it this possible to fix FR via firmware update? Or frequency response depends on construction of the earbud or other properties?

To me it sounds like you’re just sensitive to loud music :man_shrugging:

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I assure you that is not the case. I had a few earbuds before Liberty Air 2’s and I was able to listen them on really high volumes with no problems.

my air 2’s are fine, I dont use the Deezer EQ tho as it does change the whole music frequencies too music for me, I use a samsung phone with dolby atmos tho, possibly maybe why mine is sounding better that’s my opinion tho, but I dont have a problem with them, have you done the Hear Id test possibly might resolve the issue?

It is certainly possible - there is a computer chip controlling everything in the chip. Not very likely that it will happen though.

A lot depends on your ears, so it is more likely to get a bit more adjustability in the app. But if it really isn’t good enough, your only real option is a return for refund.

I know, you know this already.
But you should ruin your ears.
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