Issue with Motion+ firmware 45.49

Hi all, as I understand the new firmware for Motion+ (45.49) mainly aims to solve the hissing background sound. I had this issue so I updated. Hissing is gone now but I got a 2 second delay at the start of song/video and it’s kinda driving me mad, any idea how to fix this? To me this is a bigger problem than the hissing…

This is with aux jack plugged in btw.

I experience the delay when connecting to bluetooth. Btw will Anker staff really read our threads.:cry:

I was ent the firmware upgrade to 45.49 but my speaker still souns pretty bad and dosn’t sound as good as when i had the original firmware. I hope hey do an upgrade again soon

Hi, don’t worry, even if they don’t read these threads, you can still email the Soundcore support team at I emailed them and had a discussion with them about this matter and they have been quite supportive and responsive. I recorded a few videos highlighting the problem so that their engineers could use as a test evidence to aid their investigation. So far their solution to this issue is rolling back to an older firmware, which I refused. I’ll just keep the speaker plugged in all the time, since I’m not taking it anywhere. I’m not expecting a silver billet anytime soon, but at least if you email them you’d be letting them know that this is not a singular issue and making them take this more seriously.

Maybe try the custom eq from Alan Ross? I find it working quite well on mine.