Issue with Shipping

I recently placed an order for the Liberty 2 Pro, and it was shipped out via USPS. Tracking said it was about to be delivered, and then it turned around and left my city and went to a different location. I spoke with someone from USPS and they said the shipping label was created incorrectly and contained some NULL values, so it will likely not show up, or if it does it may take it an unknown amount of time as it may take someone manually pulling and fixing it. This was originally supposed to be a birthday gift, but it seems that’s not happening at this point. I did open a ticket with support to see if there is anything they can do.

Anyone else have similar issues lately, or did I just happen to get unlucky?

This is clearly an issue with USPS so I don’t see what this has to do with soundcore…

While this seems like a USPS fault (as they took receipt of the parcel in the first place and have now got it bouncing around states) it could also be due to Soundcore not having a correctly generated label…could be fault on either side…hard to say…

Wait for support to respond and see where things go, if they were at fault they will no doubt rectify :slightly_smiling_face:

According to USPS, Soundcore created the label wrong and some data fields were not populated in the system, which is why it’s having issues. That’s why I was wondering if this was a one off thing or if they had some kind of system problem recently.

It’s not always (or never) Anker or Soundcore… I have an issue going on with Shipping, my prize (Not from Soundcore) was delivered to wrong address, and fighting it out with leasing office. Address issue has been resolved and the tenant who picked up my package is out for vacation and I will need to wait till next week :worried::worried::worried:

If it can not be delivered it normally should go back to the sender (dealer). So you should contact that company and ask for a new delivery with correct address.

Luckily they got it figured out on the PO end and they showed up today.

That’s awesome! Glad everything worked out!

Let us know what you think of them.

So far they sound great, but I am getting the hissing/white noise others have reported.